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Wardrobe Insider

While the thermometer might not agree with the calendar in Miami, the fashion world turns its collective eye toward autumn collections this month. Here we offer Magic City fashionistas a glimpse into the season’s top trends and how to rock the perfect look.


Truly unique in beauty and design, this modern contemporary home was created with love and precise attention to details.. Featuring: Mayi De La Vega & Claudine Coto


Featuring; Bobby Berk Home, Internum / Baxter & Addison House

The Good, The Bad & Miami

Tight, bright, shiny and sexy — Miami can’t even grasp the notion of under the radar. Our fashion sense comes down like an atomic bomb of rainbows and our animal prints are so beyond out of control that it’s a surprise they don’t bite.


This season, it’s all about cut, color, fl ow and attitude. These looks are sure to have you feeling glamorous while yielding all the compliments you deserve from autumn and beyond.

Key Players

Featuring: Candelaria Arocena of KLA Schools, Noé César Fashion Editor & JennyLee Molina of 305 Cafecito

Total Champ

Tony Kanaan’s successful racing career is thanks in part to his uncanny ability to combine his natural knack for not giving up with his fighting spirit to help him get through even the most challenging obstacles on and off the track.


The coveted golden ticket, the river of sumptuous chocolate that swallowed Augusto, the surreptitious Gobstopper and the impish Oompa Loompas — what kid didn’t salivate fantasizing about touring a reallife chocolate factory? Well, now we have our very own.

Posh Performance

While most sedans are bland, soul-less grocery-getters, this assortment redefines the breed. All are cocoons of decadence that are fast, sleek and nimble, with appointments that make a limousine seem like a taxi. Featuring; Mercedes-Benz of Coral Gables

Island Jaunt

Florida’s very own Amelia Island is a destination that offers year-round fishing, golden sunsets, romance, idle excursions and a chance to travel back in time.

Power Sip

Featuring; Ciroc Vodka (Diageo)

Encounters @ The Ritz-Carlton

The Ritz-Carlton Key Biscayne celebrated a speciallycrafted Mount Gay rum that was reserved exclusively for RUMBAR, the resort’s Old Havana-inspired bar/lounge. With only 324 bottles in existence, the limited-edition spirit runs $250 per bottle. 1. Eddie Langford, Danielle Tidline, Alexis Brown, Chira Clayton 2. Eric Caraballoso, Letty Caraballoso, Odeymi Broenza 3. Edward Levy, Omar Saad 4. Grupo Nostalgia 5. Michelle Leon, Carmen Martin 6. Wayne Rodriguez, Paul Desaulnier Jason Fitzpatrick 7. Michelle Vera, Jorge Socarras 8. Tanya & Ricarda Cabrera

Encounters @ The Beach Club

The Key Biscayne Fourth Of July Committee held their annual BBQ at The Beach Club with lots of tasty bites, refreshing sips and patriotism throughout the day. 1. Dona Rice, Mark Fried, Jane Morris 2. Kara & Maddie Sharp 3. Ceci Sanchez, Ann Taintor 4. Naysbeli, Dwight & Samantha Hewitt, Mia Davey 5. Chris Biggers, Judy Roemer 6. Tim Stickney, Tricia Flik, Calum Hayes 7. Michael & Christina Bracken, York Flik, Scott Sharp 8. Jim Eraso, Bob Bristol, Patricia Peraita, Michele Estevez 9. Clint & Adair Bush, John Baron 10. Patricia Romano, Liliana Uribe, Gerardo Ortiz, Patricia Peraita 11. Erik Jones, Robin McKlin, Mike Davey 12. Bianca & Sonia Keif 13. Mark Fried, Ellen Blassi 14. Mia, Mike & Maria Davey, Santiago Lostao 15. Julie Lambert, Sharon Albright, Marilyn Myles, John Gilbert 16. Margie Dunn, Dottie O’Brien, Anne Owens 17. Jannon Gehle, Alexa, Theo Holloway 18. Jo Ann Young, Mark & Gladys Leon

Encounters w/ K B Community Foundation

The Key Biscayne Community Foundation presented an evening with art entitled The Female Body Through The History Of Art for art lovers on The Key and beyond. 1. Lauren Weber, Maria Elena Zayas-Bazan 2. Jo Ann Young, Michael Davey, Eva Lindner 3. Ed & Claire Landon 4. Isabel & Alejandro Ernst, Tina Cornely 5. Carlos de la Cruz, Melissa White, Joan McCaughan, Rosa de la Cruz 6. Ed & Mayra Stone, Marisha & Stan Taylor 7. Gloria & Michael Kahn, Marilyn & Irving Kreisberg 8. Ines Neuhaus, Cristina Leigh, Julieta Schurzberg 9. Carlos Mendiola, Mayra Lindsey-Peña, Manuel Balbontin 10. Luis Aguiar, Sara Powell, Cesar Trasobares 11. Dottie Devaney-Goldman, Kathy Vale, Bonnie Graiglow-Clayton 12. Annie Portuondo, Mati Chalgub, Dottie O’Brien 13. Faquiry Diaz, Amelia Karenina Baloner, Carlos de la Cruz 14. Birgit LaHaye, Maggie Butler, Bertila Pozo 15. Caroline Castro, Melissa Wallen, Alicia Rodriguez

Encounters w/ EWM

Celebrating our nation’s independence in style, EWM earned the trophy for “Most Patriotic Float” in this year’s Fourth Of July Parade in Key Biscayne. 1. Tim Stickney, Vivian Galego 2. Noelie Blanco, Angela Ocampo, Annie Mammes, Mayra Cortes Malaret, Giulietta Ulloa, Lola Jerez, Anabella Siblesz, Marianela Montenegro, Gilberto Ocampo, Maria Mayoral 3. Maria Mayoral, Giulietta Ulloa 4. Gilberto Ocampo, Anabella Siblesz 5. Silvia Caicedo, Maria Mayoral, Nicolas Guzman 6. Joshua Jacobs, Jonathan Mendez, Isabella Brosco, Beatriz Orozco, Nicolas Montana 7. Mayra Cortes Malaret, Marla Rivas Patti 8. Paula, Stephanie, Andrea & Eric Brook 9. Miguel Villareal, Steven Mendez 10. Noelie Blanco, Adolfo Malave 11. Marianela & Estefany Montenegro 12. Lola Jerez, Carmen B. Llano-White 13. Jorge Mendez, Nicole Galego, Gaby Costales 14. Ximena Ulloa, Gonzalo Echevarria 15. Angeles Ferrer, Milagros Arrizabalaga 16. Alan Blanco, Vivian Galego-Mendez, Sebastian Guzman

Encounters w/ FIU

Lonia Zylberman celebrated her graduation from FIU with a Master’s Degree in Global Governance after studying at the University of Paris majoring in Political Science and Int’l Studies. 1. Lonia Zylberman, Alba Rincon, Alfredo Gonzalez 2. Mercedes Armas, Marlene Quintero, Belinda Sierralta 3. Marisabel Fuentes, Steven Minor 4. Alvaro Gonzalez, Emiliana Zelkowicz 5. Pedro Ast, Suzanne Kovacs 6. Cristina Iglesias, Lonia Zylberman, Jenny Bueno, Isabella Stanzione 7. Jose Antonio Viscarrondo, Hector Antuñez, Tanya Brillembourg 8. Maria Mercedes Aragon, Nataly Coello

Encounters w/ 101 Key Biscayne

101 Key Biscayne, the island’s newest condominium project, took center stage recently to show off its Ornare designs, which will be featured in each residence. 1. Sebastien Studer, Bianca Geraci, Allan Tahar 2. Anna Sherrill, Joseph Kubicek, Elaine Spottswood 3. Leonardo Oliviera, Rafaela Leal 4. Sandra Melo, Marcos Zapf, Gabriela Demelo 5. Patricia Rambaud, Maxim Rambaud, Patricia Pavan 6. Analicia Santaella, Thania Vernon, Lisa Treister 7. Eric Soulavy, Cristina Soulavy, Mr. & Mrs. Oscar Segall, Patricia Pavan 8. Lara Seouto, Claudio Bertolla, Karina Michelin

Encounters @ K B Yacht Club

The Key Biscayne Yacht Club held a Moon Crawl with live entertainment, dancing and dinner. 1. Mariana Bolognani, Silvana & T.J. Giuffrida 2. Anika Tarajano, John & Ana Greeven 3. Tricia & York Flik 4. Naysbeli & Dwight Hewitt 5. Mary & Brian Tague, Carol Craiglow 6. Chuck Duncan & Gloria De La Cruz 7. Thomas Allraum, Tom Weber, Miriam & James Ducan 8. Maddie & Kara Sharp, Vickie & Enrique Gaston 9. John Hill, Jessi Tamayo, Ally & Matt Foretichn, Jaime Zambrano 10. Hector Diaz, Rosemarie & Raul De La Heria, Elena Garcia Montes 11. Allen Silanee, Hedieh Sepehri 12. Andre & Heidy Leal 13. Emy Shanley, Liz Pesch 14. Madelene Trujillo, Alex Lorida, Pricilla Trujilo, Alessandra Dominguez 15. Laurie McRay, Paige Latterner, Jean Paul & Tricia Bahamondes 16. Diago Richard, Yipsy Consuegra, Izzy Mereos 17. Bob & Thania Vernon, Elieen & Jose Ortega 18. Lori & Randall Rombeiro