Ocean Trance

Experience the kind of peace only nature can offer with these yacht-ready looks perfect for the season. Featuring Nick Garcia for BlindLight Studio, Mariela Ortega, Cesar Ferrete, Kayla Prince for MP Mega Miami, 120% Lino

Yacht Thrills

Key Biscayne becomes the ultimate destination for boating enthusiasts from around the globe as both the Miami International Boat Show and Strictly Sail drop anchor at the Miami Marine Stadium Park & Basin to create one allinclusive venue featuring over $3 billion in all things nautical on Feb. 15-19. If that isn’t enough vessels, boat gear and accessories for you, there's also the completely separate Miami Yacht Show on Collins Avenue and the invitation-only Super Yachts Miami on Watson Island running concurrently featuring another $1 billion in yachts and nautical merchandise to explore. Featuring the Miami International Boat Show, Larry Berryman, Text by Sandy and Bill Lindsey

No Limits

An activist and educator changing lives all across our coasts, no challenge seems too titanic for Deborah Mellen, one of Key Biscaye’s most heartful philanthropists. Featuring Deborah Mellen, Text by Ryan Jarrell

A Boat Story

When organizers announced the exciting move of the Miami International Boat Show to Key Biscayne a few years ago, it made national headlines. Interstingly, many did not realizing that the show actually began on the island back in 1941. Featuring The Miami International Boat Show, Text by Sandy Lindsey

Compass Reads

Coffee table books matter more than ever in our digital age, especially when we have a strong affinity for the subject matter. The following beautiful volumes will make you pause for a moment and daydream. Featuring Yachting: A Visual Celebration of Sailing Past & Present, The Stylish Life: Yachting; Swan, A Unique Story: Through 50 Years Of Yachting Evolution, Wind & Water: Boating Photographs From Around The World. Text by Sandy Lindsey

Compass Health

Tired of people seeing your time spent on the water as frivolous play? The following health facts will fill up your boat with family and friends as you turn your critics into converts. Featuring Sandy Lindsey

The Great Indoors

A dream come true for any family, this jewel of a home overlooks beautiful Pines Canal and has water on two sides, showcasing breathtaking, private vistas all year long. Featuring Great Properties International, Daniel Gaviria, Ana Somarriba. Text by Yoshi Sanz.


In honor of the Miami International Boat Show, we’ve scoured all corners of our marketplace for the finest in marine accessories sure to get you eager to set sail. Featuring OpenROV, Summit Legacy, The Scrubba, Mystic Knotwork, Pendulux. Text by Ryan Jarrell

Think Pieces

Trends, patterns and accessories unite to create the perfect Spring look for the savvy and stylish city dweller. Featuring Nick Garcia for Blindlight Studio, Mariela Ortega, Luigi Chamorro, Anna Wolf for Next Models Miami, Lafayette 148 New York @ Brickell City Centre,

Compass FYI

Just south of Miami in exotic Florida Keys, Seacamp provides experiential education in marine studies to students aged 8 to 21 years old with a focus on hands-on and interactive programs. Featuring Seacamp. Text by Sandy Lindsey

Compass Oasis

Iberia Tiles has been fostering all hard surface and flooring needs in South Florida for over 30 years. The new year is sure to usher in even more home solutions for every taste. Featuring Iberia Tiles. Text by Ryan Jarrell

Compass Access

The LH-Finance Pre-Qualification VIP Program gets potential buyers Very VIP access to the 30th Annual Miami Yacht Show, the city’s premier luxury yacht show on Collins Avenue. Featuring LH-Finance. Text by Sandy Lindsey

Compass Auto

In addition to an uncanny ability to wrangle electricity better than anyone, Nikola Tesla had a wicked sense of style. If he were around today, he might well be driving a Morgan EV3. Featuring Morgan Motor Company. Text by Bill Lindsey

Compass Timepieces

Owning a watch collection is exciting until you realize how much they are worth and all but the one currently on your wrist are stashed in a remarkably unsecure dresser drawer. Featuring Man Safe. Text Bill Lindsey

Compass Shopping

Linda Farrow is a sunglass pioneer who just opened her first store at Bal Harbour Shops. Her collection will keep you calm, cool and collected from season to season. Featuring Linda Farrow. Text by Mariela Ortega

Compass Trending

If you’re a fashion lover, enthusiast or you just simply like to see the rarest most-wanted pieces of all time, you might consider following @eBayBae. Featuring @eBayBae. Text by Mariela Ortega.

Compass Pets

What better way to celebrate St. Valentine’s on our still-temperate isle than adding a sweet treat to your already loving home? Below, we’ve selected the top-dogs from our city’s most reputable rescues. Featuring 100+ Abandoned Dogs, Paws4You, Applause Your Paws, Dee Hoult, Text by Ryan Jarrell

Compass Entertainment

Mustering forth with the bold manifesto to eat, drink and educate, Feb. 21-25 sees the Food Network & Cooking Channel’s South Beach Wine & Food Festival once more erupt on our shores. Featuring South Beach Food & Wine Festival. Text by Ryan Jarrell

Compass The Arts

An artist whose love of that most childlike of crafting materials has sustained itself through adulthood, sandcarver Matt Long’s fantastical creations awaken the wonder and admiration of effort that all great pieces should inspire. Featuring Matt "Sandman" Long, SandSculptor. Text by Ryan Jarrell

Compass Connoisseur

In honor of the awe-inspiring MIBS and all the marine merriment it entails, this month we tip our hats and raise our glasses to Shucker’s Waterfront Grill, a true bastion in our extensive dock-and-dine scene. Featuring Shucker’s Waterfront Grill. Text by Ryan Jarrell

Compass Style

Fashion and environmentally cautious are not words that are often put together in the same sentence. Despite that, Gabriella Smith of The Upcycle Project has embarked on a journey to change that. Featuring The Upcycle Project Text by Mariela Ortega


The last bastion for so many of our ecosystem’s indigenous species, Christopher Boykin of the Pelican Harbor Seabird Station provides a compassionate service for some of our city’s most distinctive residents. Featuring Pelican Harbor Seabird Station, Christopher Boykin. Text by Ryan Jarrell

The 411

Give the ultimate romantic experience with tickets to Andrea Bocelli live at American Airlines Arena. Featuring Chinese New Year Celebration, American Airlines Arena, Small Mouth Sounds, Jorge Drexler, Draw: A Party With Great Lines, Zoo Miami “Romance In The Glades”, Little Haiti Cultural Center Caribbean Marketplace, Volunteer Eco-Action Day, Coconut Grove Arts Festival, Wigwood, Foss Marai, Miami Film Festival, Boulud Sud, Miami Beach Jewelry & Watch Show, Miami Condo Collective, Hair By Hisham. Text by Ryan Jarrell

Encounters w/ PVG Insurance Group

PVG Insurance Group held a grand opening for staff, clients, friends and family to welcome everyone to their new offices located at 240 Crandon Boulevard in Key Biscayne. — Photos by Maritza Minor 1. Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony 2. Alejandro Perez-Duque, Meche Phelan 3. Andres Lauria, Alejandro Perez-Duque, Antonio Lauria 4. Meche Phelan , Gaby Quinzano, Manuel Compera 5. Roy Gallardo, Alejandro Rodriguez, Gonzalo Fernandez

Encounters @ Key Biscayne Yacht Club

The Key Biscayne Yacht Club hosted a fundraiser entitled “Play For Puerto Rico: A Humanitarian Disaster Relief” to send supplies to Puerto Rico. — Photos by Maritza Minor 1. Mariels Valdez, Isabella Otero, Simon Angeli, Gilles Bastie 2. James Salas, Kelly Mulligan, Maggie & Jorge Llanso, Paige Latterner 3. Barbara Vicito, Craig Hardie, Barbara Lamar 4. Yoli & Eric Godreaou, Mariane Fischer 5. Ariel & Claudia Diaz 6. Elizabeth Cusack, Robert Lowry, Maggie Llanso 7. Isabella Otero, Camille Cardona, Patricia Urban 8. Jorge Llanso, Elizabeth Cusack, Fredy Gomez De Cordoba, Rose Hainey 9. Ana Greeven, Melissa Alvarez, Helen Brown 10. Joe & Ana Brennan 11. Fredy Gomez De Cordoba, Patricia Urban

Encounters w/ Fundacion Manos Del Sur

Fundacion Manos Del Sur held their annual celebration to honor La Virgen De Guadalupe, with all proceeds benefiting Mexico: Hogar La Divina Providencia and Argentina: Para Los Chicos Un Futuro Mejor. — Photos by Maritza Minor 1. German Muller, Chunchu Alvarez, Claudia Cividini, Alejandra Gambia, Maria Cruz Waterhouse, Flor & Coco Moni 2. Angeles Padilla, Maria Laura Penovi, Florencia Badino, Noelle Bullrich 3. Florencia Badino, Carolina Camilion, Ana Somarriba 4. Elisa Junghan, Paulina Montes, Maria Paz Victoria 5. Vivian Galego-Mendez, Randy Lack 6. Guadalupe De Martinez, Joanna Stachnik, Chunchu Alvarez, Guille Pezzano 7. Cecilia Freire, Florencia Keller-Sarmiento, Christel Maulhardt 8. Carolina Mueller, Chunchu Alvarez, Sofia, Matias, Flor & German Mueller 9. Coni Mercante, Carolina Fernandez, Debbie Hughes 10. Maria Elena Zapata, Lilian Pierce 11. Lorena Garcia-Morillo, Florencia Godward 12. Chunchu Alvarez, Loles Cajiga

Encounters @ Bal Harbour Shops

The inaugural “Ice Cream We Love” event at Bal Harbour Shops was a resounding success, raising more than $70,000 for Holtz Children’s Hospital. 1. Guests strolling through Bal Harbour Shops and enjoying the “Ice Cream We Love” festivities 2. Gotmar Giron, Ana Negri 3. Joseph Irias 4. Dr. Judy Schaechter 5. Jorge Alonso, Juana La Iguana, Lucy Alfonso, Rachel Tourgeman

Encounters @ Ocean Club

Ocean Club Tower I & II hosted a very special holiday party for its residents. — Photos by Maritza Minor 1. Robert Gersny, Robert Raymond, Dietlinde Coleman, Spencer Raymond 2. Patricia Klett, Maria Gebaide 3. Mary & Jon Heider 4. Iris & John Fisher 5. Marian Rocker, Graciela Pozo, Silvia Kreinberg

Encounters @ Pilates Zone

Pilates Zone invited a series of VIP guests to celebrate the holidays in style with a special Arial Silks Performance by their students. 1. Gulietta Amaro, Vanessa Yepes, Paola Poggioli, Daniela Acero 2. Rogerio Bonfim, Maria Eduarda & Daniella Bonfim, Samba 3. Arantza Ortega & Family 4. Blanca Isusi, Violeta Zito 5. Ruben Zito, Graciana Wortelboer, Paula, Alejandro, Violeta, Joaquina & Miranda Zito, Sofia Guananja

Encounters w/ Diamonds On The Key

Diamonds On The Key celebrated their milestone 10-year Anniversary during a special cocktail party at Puntino in Key Biscayne. — Photos by Alberto Tamargo 1. Karen Murphy Holmquist, Carol Craiglow, Kara Epstein Stearns Sharp, Christina Termine, Lori Rombeiro 2. Christina Termine, Maritza Minor 3. Alex Cobo, Karen Holmquist, George Earl 4. Victor Roldan, Leah Shadle 5. Robert & Isabel Courtney 6. Dania M. Morera Rodriguez- Cuesta, Ernesto Cuesta 7. Julia Michelle 8. Juan & Ana Maria Robbin 9. Diego & Maria Patricia Stecchi 10. Giada Baselice, Christina Termine, Susan Joch 11. Susan Leslie Joch, Lesa Hall Blackman, Beatriz Heuze