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Fitness Fever

Discover some exciting fitness alternatives and get the mindset you need to stick to your exercise goals by understanding how to build good habits and reprograming the way you think so healthy aspirations become reality.

Residence Impact

This beautiful Key Biscayne house is at once breathtaking, impressive, relaxing and the perfect place to call home all year round.

Memorable Nights

Whether you find yourself lounging, dining or dancing the night away, one thing’s certain: These looks will get you the attention you deserve no matter where you find yourself having a good time. Photography Nick Garcia from Blindlight Studio.

Sony Open Guide

Key Biscayne Magazine 2013 Sony Open Guide

Phoenix Rising

Presently ranked # 1 in the world, Serena Williams’ career is anything but average. Grand Slam titles…got them! Olympic medals…done! Add to the roster a foundation that builds schools in Africa, a clothing line and a book and you realize why she gives the term athlete a shiny new prospective. Now she’s back in Key Biscayne to take on the Sony Open with the grace, power, and champion attitude that has come to define her.


We teamed up with Mercedes-Benz of Coral Gables to find a few Key Biscayners willing to share why they love their luxury rides so much — and what keeps them loyal to their brand of choice. Feature: Michael & Ana Mercedes Dellepiane, Dr. Alex Koetzle, Doug Kinsley & Cristian Gonzalez & Daniela Rosette

Transforming Spaces

The team at California Closets sees home as more than a place where you sleep at night and store your things. It’s a source of comfort and a refuge, a space for connection and celebration — it’s a way of life.

Haute Life

Imagine days and nights filled with meaningful moments and exquisite experiences in a home that’s at once grand and artistic, yet comfortable and familiar...a place where splendor and sophistication unite with flawless ease. This is the essence of Sunny Isles’ Château Beach.


The Sunshine State offers much more than just sun and fun…there are plenty of hidden culinary treasures to discover along the highways and byways of this great state. Herewith: A taste of what to expect when you hit the road.

Encounters @ The Rit z-Carlton Key Biscayne

Sunday afternoons just got a lot better thanks to Cioppino’s new Souther Jazz Brunch at The Ritz-Carlton Key Biscayne. 1. Dessire & Orlando Leon 2. Felix & Claribel Feria 3. Ingrid Roman, Avelino Gonzalez 4. Jim & Olivia Sharpton 5. Kristyn Putman, Alvaro Guerra 6. Lila Grace, Eric Zellweger 7. The Stromingers 8. Patricia Longman, Maxime Rambaud

Encounters w/ Honey Shine

The Honey Shine Wine Tasting Recruitment Event, hosted by Maria & Sheldon Lowe in Key Biscayne, celebrated the mentoring program founded in 2002 by Tracy W. Mourning. 1. Tracy W. Mourning, Sheldon Lowe, Maria Lowe 2. Alberto Cordoba, Roberto Lottini, Sandra Lottini, Virginia Aristizabal 3. Ray & Nadine Valme 4. Amy Morgan, Cathy Blank 5. Rick & Amy Deutch 6. Adrian Ares, Aristotle Ares, Diane Ares, Andria Holtz 7. Sharon Spillis, Susan Berman 8. Thomas B. Holmes, Edlyn Griffith 9. Maria Lowe, Robin Duncan, Monisha Melwani 10. Selene & John Devaney, Jen Kennedy 11. Oscar Seikaly, Sheldon Lowe, Buzz Vernon 12. Lani Drodi, Ayana Rodriquez, Steven Boucher, Kirsy Ly, Andrea Nachtigall Connor 13. Phili Bullard, Maria Healy, Tuti Fernandez 14. Tal Cohen 15. Linda Bailey, Keisha Thomas, Angela Barco 16. David Podrog, Lori Podrog, Liz Fitzgerald

Encounters w/ K B Chamber Of Commerce

The Key Biscayne Chamber of Commerce held their 3rd Annual Lifestyles In Paradise Home Tour, where 6 wonderful homes were selected to be showcased. 1. Heidi Brito, Vivian Galego-Mendez, Teresa Dominguez, Margarita Isern 2. Joan McCaughan, Jan Jones, Maggie Schubert, Susie Abell 3. Magaly La Plana, Elisa Braschi 4. Kathye Susnjer, Cassia Silvia 5. Christoforo & Giada Pignata 6. Florencia Loyola, Anabella Siblesz Hernandez, Adriana Loyola 7. Carmencita Butler, Marilyn Borroto, Evamarie Blake 8. Susana Braun, Vanesa Meyer Bembibre, Cecilia Grigio, Yani Columbie 9. Cesar & Ida Anzola, Antonio & Nora Camejo, Morela Anzola De Camejo 10. Bobbi Savage, Sharon Albright, Katherine Vale 11. Fran Gaynes, Essie Herman, Harriet Stein, Ellen Brooks 12. Pat Killgore, Thordis Lindberg 13. Janet Bass, Melissa Riemer 14. Holly & Brad Tiffany 15. John & Maria Dirlam 16. Nancy Socorro, Paula Brook 17. James, Cristina, Olivia, Alejandra & Federico Sammataro

Encounters w/ EWM

EWM Realty International recently celebrated their annual Awards Presentation at Jungle Island to honor those within their organization who break the mold and continually strive toward success. 1. Susana Medrano Roth, Florencia Moni 2. Maria Mayoral, Marla Patti 3. Esther Prat, Vivian Galego-Mendez 4. Marilyn Borroto, Florencia Moni 5. Giulietta Ulloa, Top Producer, Key Biscayne Office 6. Susana Medrano Roth, Pity Betancourt, Noelie Blanco, Marianela Montenegro 7. Rocio Ulloa, Marianela Montenegro, Giulietta Ulloa, Ronald Shuffield 8. Isis Alvarez-Renta, Angela, Gilberto Ocampo

Encounters @ Waxmee Salon & Spa

Waxmee Salon & Spa hosted a customer appreciation day themed as “Love Sucks But Your Hair Doesn’t Have To” promoting beauty & wellness to their customers. 1. Raquel Mariana, Megan Brizuela, Aurora Soto, Maria Mariana, Jessie Brown, Jenna Brown 2. Rebecca Garcia, Maria Hechevarria, Mari Cari, Yubi Magueira, Yamilet Cabrera, Juliet Iglesias 3. Daniel Fraga, Viviana Santiesteban 4. David Cranley, Yvette Natalie 5. Martha Sanchez, Eve Hubert 6. Monica Rey, Tomiko Klein, Miriam Garci 7. Mara Acevedo, Gustavo Cagiao, Daisy Acevedo 8. Giovanna Quina, Annie Mammes

Encounters w/ K B Community School

The Key Biscayne Community School celebrated their 60th Anniversary at The Key Biscayne Beach Club. 1. Lauren & Tom Weber, Monica & Jorge Luzarraga 2. Sherry Cowan, Gretchen Albright, Chris Mack 3. Carlos & Maria Juliana Agualimpia 4. Dottie & Pam O’Brien 5. Deby Portela, Conchita Fernandez, Joanne Calero 6. Janet Falcone, Laurie Nevins, Lisa Turner 7. Belinda Sime, Gine Coleman, Frank Caplan, Betty Sime Conroy, John Conroy 8. Ricardo Acosta, Annette Garcia-Acosta, Ana Brennan, Kathy Carrero 9. Lynda Anderson, Elaine Levine, Jennifer Santiesteban, Clara Benavenate 10. Ana Rasco, Sylvia Tarafa & Darlene Moony 11. Gelany Tapia, Philip McHans, Maria Alonso 12. Jo Ann Young, John Gilbert, Marylin Miles 13. Susan Suarez, Josefina Estrella, Gloria Plaza, Maria Babani, Valeria Borroto 14. Liz Pesch, Paige Latterner, Selene Devaney, Tricia Bahamondes 15. Susie Riggins, Grace Batlle, Yazmin & Javier Finlay 16. Frank & Dory Diaz, Aliette & Danny Arner

Encounters @ KB Beach Club

The Key Biscayne Presbyterian Church School hosted its annual Stone Crabs Under The Stars fundraiser and silent auction at the Key Biscayne Beach Club. 1. Jennifer Cortes-Fiske, Tony Fiske, Valeria & Otto Borroto 2. Rogelio & Pilar Reyes, Susana & Manuel Ramos 3. Billy & Liz Pesch 4. Ann & David Moran 5. Craig & Mariana Hardie 6. Marivi Riesser, Peter & Camila Zucarini, Tom Paltrick 7. Bertha, Anthony & Christina Termine 8. Dante & Sunita Cenci, Maria & Michael Davey

Encounters w/ Sabadell United Bank

Sabadell United Bank is enhancing its downtown presence with a signature, flagship lobby office at 1111 Brickell Ave. Recently holding the grand opening, the new office is intended as a prototype for future branches and aims to serve the bank’s growing, diverse clientele. 1. Fernando Perez-Hickman, Mayor Tomas Regalado, Luz Zuluaga, Mario Trueba 2. Marisol Perez-Velasco, Sabadell Dadeland Branch, Assistant Manager, Mayor Tomas Regalado, Laura Beaton-Aguilera, Miguel Pumariega 3. Jordi Torras, Francesc Noguera 4. Horacio Stuart Aguirre, Mayor Tomas Regalado, Mario Trueba 5. Maurici Llado, Fernando Perez- Hickman 6. Fernando Perez-Hickman, Mayor Tomas Regalado, Luz Zuluaga, Mario Trueba 7. Mayor Tomas Regalado, Fernando Perez-Hickman, Horacio Stuart Aguirre

Encounters w/ Switchboard Of Miami

Brickell Magazine & Switchboard Of Miami’s Women’s Council teamed up to host a charitable bachelor acution at Conrad Miami with hundreds in attendance. 1. Brock Metcalf, Julie Hardy 2. Erbi Blanco-True, Daryl Jones, Luciana Carvalho, Richard Greenfield 3. Amy Crismond, Mark Scheirkert 4. Ysella Roberts, Phillip Spiegelman 5. Rich Schuchts 6. Johanna Cure, Isa Zapata, Anne Chicheportiche, Philippe Thevenet 7. Alexis Cubilla, Francesca Cruz, Jorge Arauz, Tracy Koço, Alexander Avila 8. Alexandra Zalez, Angela Friar, Karen Dominguez 9. Angeline Holdon, Rosi Garibay, Marina Serret, Ambar Soto 10. Amber Williams, Amanda Bonifay 11. Beverly Bush Corina Village 12. MIchael & Chana Rosenfeld 13. Gwanda Passmore, Jorge Arauz 14. Lorenzo Rossi, Arnaldo Cantero 15. David Olalde, Michael Wait 16. Ricardo Tano Feijoo, Jonathan Gomez, Gert Rodon, Dylan Hermelee