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Featuring; Lorraine Neumann, Giulietta Ulloa, Lourdes Lorenzo-Luaces & Carlos Coto / Claudine Coto

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Featuring; Mercedes-Benz of Coral Gables

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The Love Game

Does it feel like the passion has left the building right along with Elvis when it comes to your love life? Well, there’s a way to reignite it, and reinvigorate your very existence in the process as you rekindle your romantic relationship by learning how to fall in love all over again.

Paradise Life

If you’re looking for the perfect place to call home, this Mediterranean estate on Key Biscayne’s coveted Hurricane Harbor is sure to have everything you’re looking for — and then some. Featuring Doug Kinsley


Featuring; Leonardo & Heidi Brito, Taylor & Melissa White, Cristian Balhontin & Paige Lattermer, David & Mariam Rocker. Photography: Nick Garcia, featuring; Diamonds on They Key


When it comes to complementing your better half, look no further than these styles meant to spark a little romance while taking your wardrobe to new heights this season and beyond. Photography Nick Garcia from Blindlight Studio.


Featuring; Violetas, Internum & Design, COMPAC: The Surfaces Company & Scan Design

H2O Surge

From cosmopolitan pocket yachts to nimble sporty day cruisers, there’s something for every taste in these innovative 26’-40’ nautical-bound models…so leave the excuses at home and make sure you ride one of these out on the water for some sun and fun.


If a short trip is in the cards this month, you may want to grab a special someone and head over to fall in love in — and with — one of the most romantic cities in the U.S.: St. Augustine.

Encounters @ Key Biscayne

Celebrating a momentous occasion, Viviana Diaz, family & friends recently gathered for a baby shower to remember. 1. Janet Tralins, Sandra Savini, Sandra Diaz, Viviana Diaz, Magdalena Tomasino 2. Clara Romero, Karla D. Bueno, Tere Galla 3. Sophie Bamps, Sandra Sabini 4. Viviana Diaz, Karla D. Bueno 5. Viviana Diaz 6. Lourdes Alatriste, Viviana Diaz, Tere Galla 7. Janet Tralins, Clara Romero, Marissa De La Tejera, Karla D. Bueno, Viviana Diaz, Sophie Bamps, Elena Iturriaga, Tere Galla 8. Elena Iturriaga, Viviana Diaz, Sophie Bamps, Tere Galla, Marissa De La Tejera

Encounters w/ K B Community Foundation

The Key Biscayne Community Foundation presented an “Evening With Art” entitiled From The Venus Of Willendorf To Picasso’s Les Demoiselles D’Avignon conducted by The De La Cruz Collection Contemporary Art Space. 1. Angela Piccinini, Marius Robinson, Lanah Miller 2. Jose Jardines, Jo Ann Young, Carlos Mandiola 3. Elizabeth Suero, Melissa White, Lourdes Jofre-Collett 4. Christina Termine, Michael Davey 5. Missy Caricarte, Ibett Yanez 6. Arturo & Valeria Mastelli, Romy & Ken Lancaster 7. Claire & Ed London, Veronica Scharf 8. Rosa De La Cruz, Lourdes Jofre Collett 9. Katharina Sager, Lois Greenberg 10. Gloria Johnson, Ruth Floss 11. Melissa White, Ed Stone 12. Prudence Gill, Cesar Trasobares, Joan Gill Blank 13. Alicia Estefani, Rosa De La Cruz, Annie Portuondo 14. Alicia Rodriguez, Melissa Wallen 15. Jamie Bourbeau, Joan McCaughan

Encounters w/ Rotary Club of KB

The 8th Annual Rotary Club of Key Biscayne’s Wine & Food Fest at The Links featured, among other offerings, varieties of New World wines competing against Old World wines with proceeds benefiting charitable work for adults and children. 1. Luisell Brito, Ellen Blasi, Gigi Costa 2. David, Daniel & Reina Gonzalez, Duanel Valdivia 3. Dr. Susana Leal-Khouri, Dr. Katherine Biggs 4. Paty Daly, Federico Vaccari 5. Francisco & Paulina Montes 6. Lisa Bonich, Manny Alonso, Catalina Zorrilla, Luis Chaves 7. Beatriz Nichols, Fernando & Ammita Algarra 8. Mike Gonzalez, Maggie, Stephanie & Ruben Weisson 9. Maria Hebditch, Claudia Suarez, Luisell Brito, Mayra Poldo 10. Javier Cividini, Yoandy Paez 11. Ana Maria & Pedro Capo 12. Ed & Lorraine Meyer 13. JStephen Takach, Ted Eldredge, Ellen Blasi, Peter Verbeeck, Patricia Romano 14. Alex Ferrari, Ratih Simmons, Juan Carlos Gonzalez 15. David Bremer, Clayton McRory 16. Dr. Vicky Rivas-Vazquez, Marc Port 17. Maria Paz Victoria, Roberto Alvarez, Claudia Alvarez

Encounters w/ Malena Assing

Award-winning photographer Malena Assing showcased her work for VIP Vernissage aboard a luxury yacht at The Riverwalk Sculpture Mall during the Miami River Int’l Art Fair. 1. Lisette Ramirez, Malena Assing, Maritza Minor 2. Patricia Alba and Erica Oviedo 3. Maria Hebditch and his son Victor Hebditch 4. Liliana y Eduardo Barale 5. Magdalena Palmero and Laura Villareal 6. Manuel Sanchez-Castillo and Sara Miller 7. Joe Formen and Ana Valles 8. Romina y Javier Lentino

Encounters w/ Fundacion Manos Del Sur

Virgen De Guadalupe & Fundacion Manos Del Sur held their annual fundraising event at Norma Henriquez’s Key Biscayne residence with proceeds going toward helping needy children from Mexico. 1. Maggy Molina, Norma Henriquez, Eliette Zreik 2. Lorena Garcia-Morillo, Maria Claudia Dell’Oca, Florencia Ferrari, Maria Martinez, Claudia Cividini 3. Suzzette Camarena, Esmeralda Delfin 4. Sofia Henriquez, Amelita Courtney, Paola Reyes 5. Florencia Badino, Elisa Duemichen, Rosa Pacini 6. Gaby Rivero, Maya & Kiko Ricote 7. Ashley & Randy Lack, Eva Garcia- Aranda, Nani Perez 8. Maria Cecilia Sanchez, Karla Bueno, Norma Henriquez, Tere Galla 9. Ana Maria Amador, Gigi Guerra, Claudia Yidi, Vanessa Rosales 10. Florencia Godward, Rita Zalla, Ana Somarriba 11. Gabriela Quinzanos, Lucia Castellanos, Phillip Bullard 12. Natalia De Carta, Claudia De Lovera, Zahira Acevedo-Crespo 13. Mercedes Kauria, Paola Cappellin, Natalia Onetti, Claudia Ammirata 14. Michele Camejo, Ana Arellano, Carlota Rodriguez, Marta Garcia, Liliana Leal 15. Maru Cortes, Gabriela Palomino, Cecilia Dibildox, Paola Camara, Jazmin De La Lama 16. Mariana Fischer, Mariela Chavarria, Toti Quintana, Marcela Brown

Encounters @ Yogurtini

Folks looking for a sweet treat headed over to the highlyanticipated Yogurtini launch in Cocowalk to “swirl, top, weigh & pay” for their delicious self-serve creations. 1. Angela, Maribel & Marco Haldin 2. Nancy, Rick, Rafael & Amy 3. Carla & Mikey Rodriguez 4. Jennifer & Larry Shaw 5. Marco Haldin 6. Sasha & Maria Rivera 7. Angela Haldin

Encounters w/ Saks Fifth Avenue

Saks Fifth Avenue Bal Harbour hosted Ronaldo Stern of H. Stern during a rare and exclusive appearance to introduce his latest collection “Ancient America” at a private, invitation-only event. 1. Amelia Whitaker, Rosa Maria Murtinho, Vicky Mendes 2. Angela Godinho, Adriana De Moura 3. Jackie Busato, Liliana Rivas, Margaret Lins 4. Jimena Stein, Martha Graeff 5. Diana Morrison, Mary Jo Pinedo 6. Elysze Held 7. Luciana Junqueira, Claudio Fawa, Ana Haberfeld 8. Ronaldo Stern, Deborah Slack

Encounters w/ Engel & Volkers

Engel & Volkers hosted more than 70 of its agents in style at The Ritz-Carlton Key Biscayne to celebrate a successful year that included big plans for 2013 and beyond. 1. Karla, Fernanda & Jose Luis Bueno 2. Guests of Engel & Volkers 3. Sandra Savini, Elaine Solomon 4. Oliver Ruiz, Natasha Cerna 5. Rolando & Sarah Bazail 6. Denise Williams, Ysha Artega, Hilda Jacobson 7. Natalia Gerstengberger, Irving Padron, Magdalena Tomasino 8. Cristina Mora, Viviana Diaz