Compass The Arts

Although inhabiting a genre long considered too pedestrian to be considered art, the sports stills of celebrated Miami-based Photographer Al Diaz show the composition and poise of a true master. Text by Ryan Jarrell. Featuring: Al Diaz.

Compass Finance

See what Sandy London, VP of Commercial Real Estate Lending for Sabadell United Bank, has to say about the South Florida real estate market. Also check out some great apps you can download to help with budgeting! Featuring: Sandy London VP of Commercial Real Estate Lending for Sabadell United Bank, Mint, You Need A Budget and Pocketguard.

Compass Beauty

In today’s aesthetic industry, there’s plenty of technology available to improve anyone’s appearance. Check out what Claudia Sanchez, Physician Assistant with Dr. John J. Martin, has to say about the very popular Infini procedure. Claudia Sanchez and Dr. John J. Martin.


Paco Velez, President & CEO of Feeding South Florida, believes that hunger impacts every aspect of our community, and although it’s an enormous issue, it’s solvable with the commitment of the community. Text by Sandy Lindsey. Featuring: Paco Velez, President & CEO of Feeding South Florida.

Bar Tab

In between pouring, mixing and serving up some of the best drinks in town, Toro Toro’s Adam Beech shares his inspiration for his chosen profession with a passion that’s at once contagious and completely refreshing. Text by Irene Moore. Photos by Edward Leal. Featuring: Adam Beech of Toro Toro, InterContinental Miami, Mendoza’s Lullaby, Cardenal Mendoza Brandy, Luxardo Maraschino Liqueur and Triibe Celtic Liqueur.

Encounters w/ Florida East Coast Realty

Tibor Hollo, Chairman & President of Florida East Coast Realty, joined FIU, Zeta Beta Tau (ZBT) and Hillel at FIU in honor of Holocaust Remembrance Day. — Photos by Alberto E. Tamargo 1. Austin Hollo, Wayne Hollo, Mrs. Hollo, Jerome Hollo, Mark Sarnoff 2. Michael Berlfein, Tibor Hollo, Elli Herrera 3. Tibor Hollo w/ FIU students 4. Tibor Hollo, Dr. Oren B. Stier

Encounters w/ Flying High For Haiti

Flying High For Haiti held their 2nd Annual Brazilian Night @ The Beach Club, with all the proceeds going toward supporting Ecole Du Village, a community School in Île-à-Vache, Haiti. — Photos by Maritza Minor 1. Ines Lozano, David Adams 2. Lala Isern, Janete Orama 3. Neal Webers, Gwen Engelen, Peter Verbeck 4. Milagros & Mathew Beem, Juan Castro, Silvia Bermudez 5. Daniela Zambrano, Denisse Koch, Nicolas Fernandez, Juliette Bouchet 6. Ines Lozano, Angela Rizzi, Curt O’Bront 7. Frederique Le Forest, Jaqueline Boulet, Jennifer Gebelein 8. Ana & Alvaro Dal-Bo 9. Lourdes & Diego Gomez 10. Toby & Bill Roherer 11. Eduardo, Thomas & Kiki Haberfeld 12. Donnie Hall, Paola Padovan, Bob & Lidia Brookes

Encounters w/ K B Lions Club

The Key Biscayne Lions Club held their annual “Pancake Breakfast” at The Key Biscayne Beach Club to benefit various charities. — Photos by Maritza Minor 1. Helmut Heinrich, Roberto Gentilini, Ralph Caputo 2. Brian Lynch, Dr. Jaime Vergara, Robert Vernon 3. Edith De Grood, Richard Vernon, Michele Estevez 4. Kieran McGuinness, Johny Catanio, Tim Hamen 5. John Williams, Dale Brockway 6. Juan & Rosemay Sala, Cliff Rifkin 7. Nora Camejo, Judy Kolsen, Edith De Grood, Don Sackrider, Nancy Engel, Kathy Keith 8. Nora Camejo, Rosemarie Heinrich 9. Nancy & Ted Schwarz, Peggy Hawkins 10. Allan Joseph, Todd Jonas 11. Frank Caplan, Mike O’Brien, Robert Vernon 12. Helmut Heinrich, Howard Sanders, Mikel Achaval

Encounters @ Fashion On The Rocks

Stylish guests enjoyed cocktails and conversations with fashion devotees and styles icons during “Fashion On the Rocks” at Brickell City Centre. 1. Angeles Almuna, Danny Santiago 2. Miss Trish of Capri, Tara Solomon, Maria Beguiristain 3. Andreas Menge, Jessica Burns 4. Danie Gomez- Ortigoza, Criselda Breene 5. Dani Gonzalez, Kristina Kurzweil

Encounters w/ Miami Cit y Ballet

Miami City Ballet celebrated its 31st Annual Gala, raising more than $1 million to support Miami City Ballet’s work both onstage and in the community. 1. Tina Carlo, Susan Kronick, Michael Scolamiero, Lourdes Lopez 2. Alexa Wolman, Suzy Buckley Woodward, Hilary Trish 3. Alan Faena, Ximena Caminos, Lourdes Lopez, George Skouras 4. Isabel & Ruben Toledo, Lourdes Lopez 5. Adam & Alexa Wolman 6. Eva Silverstein, Lesli Brown 7. Dr. Margaret Eidson, Amy Carroll 8. Dr. Nathan Segal, Esme Segal 9. Jim & Bobi Eroncig 10. Pedro Maal, Leonardo Davalos 11. Jon & Nancy Bachelor


Kendra Scott hosted a special “Kendra Gives Back” party to celebrate the Grand Opening of the brand’s first Miami store at Brickell City Centre. 1. Ana Munoz, Brittany Benavidez 2. Alejandra Alcala 3. Alexandra Murphy 4. Ashley Sondon, Myka Whitman 5. Brittany Benavidez, Shannon Allen, Nicole Otto

Encounters w/ El D orado Furniture

El Dorado Furniture welcomed guests to a 50 Years/50 Families community relations campaign kick-off celebration. — Photos by Edward Leal 1. Pedro Capo, Carlos Capo, Luis Capo, Frank Carollo, Tomas Regalado, Julio Capo, Jesús Rene Capo, Roberto Capo 2. Luisa & Roberto Capo 3. Paola & Luis Capo, Paula Gonzalez, Yanet Capo 4. Rosy & Suen Capo 5. Fernando Bayas, Patricia Vargas, Mario Servando, Doral Mansalve, Lorenzo Garcia, Ernesto Espino, Soleida Sheinut, Pablo Maquieira 6. Oreste Lacesse, Maria Maldonado 7. Layza Fernandez, Daniel Navarrete 8. Makelly Scott, Phillips Vazquez 9. Gaby Romero, Anselmo Hernandez, Mayela Rosales, Melissa Alonso 10. Ramon Hernandez, Patty Ponce De Leon, Thais Diaz, Alieth Parets

Encounters @ Hyde Resort & Residences Hollywood

The Related Group, sbe and Fortune International Group celebrated the grand opening of Hyde Resort & Residences Hollywood with a Gipsy Kings performance. 1. Jorge Perez, Eric Fordin, Edgardo Defortuna, Carlos Rosso, Josh Levy, Beam Furr 2. Ana Cristina Defortuna, Darlene Perez, Estefania Rosso 3. Arash Azarbarzin, Philippe Zrihen 4. Patrick Campbell, Sonia Figueroa 5. Giancarlo Pagani, Helena Fordin 6. Sonia Figueroa, Darlene Perez, Allison Goldberg, Wendy Marks Pine 7. Melissa Nelson, Courtney Gardner, Wendy Marks Pine 8. Matt Allen, Carlos Rosso 9. Darlene & Jorge Perez 10. John Deutschman, Patrick Campbell, Matt Allen

Compass Fashion

A trendsetter and fashionista of the highest caliber, Irene Zingg has been gracing our fair city with her top-notch jewelry design for more than 30 years. Featuring Irene Zingg, and Sazingg. Text by Ryan Jarrell

Compass Timepieces

For 60+ years, The Admiral’s Cup was the ultimate challenge for the world’s best ocean racing teams, each entering 3 yachts. More than simply a sponsor, in 1991, Corum’s yachts, Saphir, Rubis and Diamant won the event. Featuring Corum, Corum Legend 47 Worldtimer, The Admiral’s Cup. Text by Bill Lindsey

Compass Real Estate

Check out these artful architecture blooming in the city of Miami. Featuring Max Strang, The Fairchild Coconut Grove, Downsizing The Family Home, Marni Jameson, Amazon, Dotloop, Zumper, KeyMe. Text by Ryan Jarrell


As President of the Monica Burguera Foundation, Nicolas Estrella, Jr., is committed to raising public consciousness about boating safety with the goal of decreasing accidents on the water. Featuring Monica Burguera Foundation, Nicolas Estrella, Jr., the Key Biscayne Community Center, Miami Children’s Hospital, Estrella Insurance, Star Casualty Insurance Company, Estrella Ticket Defense Law Firm P.A. Text by Sandy Lindsey

Key Player

Thomas Chipman began playing golf with his father when he was 5 years old. At 11, he started playing competitively, and by age 15 he was a scratch golfer and knew he wanted to be a pro. Featuring Thomas Chipman, Golf for Golf Miami-Dade, Crandon Golf at Key Biscayne. Text by Sandy Lindsey

Encounters w/ Sazingg

Sazingg held their annual fundraiser for Pan y Amor in Nicaragua. — Photos by Maritza Minor 1. Maria Patricia Somarriba, Carolina Apey 2. Sol Vivas, Irene Zingg 3. Irene Zingg, Irene Ulivi 4. Irene Zingg, Ines Ulloa 5. Sol Vivas, Maria Patricia Somarriba, Maritza Minor, Ana Somarriba

Encounters @ White Dot Gallery

White Dot Gallery hosted the Patricia Field Art & Fashion exhibition, showcasing wearable art by different New York Artist. — Photos by Maritza Minor 1. Giada Baselice, Patricia Field 2. Alejandra Paredes, Shail Shah, Christophoro Pignata 3. Michael Robinson, Abbie Lipton, Tina Paul, Alan T. 4. Richard Alvarez, Sheba Legend, Kevin McHugh 5. Andrea Fusero, Marthica Galvis, Gianmarco Scotti, Bianca & Mathia Liverani 6. Marina Zagorac, Valentina Shah 7. Sofia Sohl, Soledad Lowe 8. Javier Trujillo, Rachel Garcia 9. Tina Paul, Arlene Ayalin 10. Antonio Penuela, Maria Garcia, Roger Zwickel

Encounters w/ Park Lane Residential

Park Lane Residential held an Open House & Holiday Bazaar to benefit La Casita Foundation, with the mission to educate women by nourishing the body and soul. — Photos by Maritza Minor 1. Maria Adelaida Ospina, Ana Maria Guzman, Pili Arosemena, Giovanna Albano 2. Mark Chatburm, Erika Hoffman-Planas 3. Claudia Giardinella, Mariela Hoffman, Marimi Rosales 4. Jennifer Carnero, Maria Tenorio 5. Giselle Gallardo, Pili Arosemena, Cristina Escobar 6. Daniela Betancourt, Carmen Ricaurte 7. Patricia Arango, Adriana Castro, Sara DeChamps, Adriana Rocchetta 8. Nicole Alvarez, Daniela Salgado 9. Erika Hoffman-Planas, Andrea Guerrero, Jorge Planas 10. Beatriz Romero, Victoria Rosales

Encounters w/ Lions Club

The Lions Club held their annual holiday party celebration at The Key Biscayne Yacht Club. — Photos by Maritza Minor 1. Mikel Achaval, Allan Joseph, Roberto Gentilini 2. Dr. Jaime Vergara, Catterina Cueto 3. Maria Rusel, Martin Murphy, Elizabeth Maloff 4. Johnny Catanio, Nora & Antonio Camejo 5. Yiannis Zavitsianos, Albert Velaz 6. Emma Ramos, Glenn DeGrood, Estrella Cueto 7. Elvio & Rita Gimenez, Betty Barrera, Luis Olarte 8. Todd Jonas, Linda Forrest, Kieran McGuinness 9. Edith DeGrood, Emma Ramos, Andrea Ricaurte, Estrella Cueto, Luey Sidebottom 10. Barbara Levito, Ralph Caputo

Encounters w/ Park Lane Residential

Park Lane Residential held a cocktail party to celebrate the holidays at The Key Biscayne Yacht Club. — Photos by Maritza Minor 1. Diana Zubillaga, Annie De La Rosa, Mark Chatburn, Gabriela Cadena 2. Mariela & Peter Hoffmann 3. Jorge Planas, Erika Hoffmann- Planas 4. Saniela Pescarolo, Cinthya Espinoza, Xaviera Martinez 5. Christina Viteri, Carolina Parra 6. Gabriela Cadena, Mark Chatburn 7. Alejandra Parra, Charlie Seninario 8. Miguel Hidalgo, Juan Sebastian Espinoza

Encounters @ Pilates Zone

The students of Pilates Zone gave guests the performance of a lifetime with a special Once Upon A Dream aerial skills showcase. — Photos by Edward Leal 1. Alicia Otero, Sofia Garcia, Karla Vivas, Catalina Hirsch Joaquina Zito, Clementina Capriles, Paola Poggioli 2. Daniela Acero, Maria Arena 3. Juan Furiati, Mariela Blanco, Uribe 4. Nubia Pineda, Nubia Abaji 5. Cristian Nardi, Paola Poggioli, Francisco Puentes, Harold Escotet 6. Catalina Hirsch, Alicia Otero, Giglia Mayer, Nancy Matos, Daniela Paredes, Paulina Saade 7. Daniela, Rogelio, Maria Luisa & Maria Eduardo Bonfim 8. Victoria Aulet, Paola Poggioli, Betty De Aragon 9. Paulina Saade, Gretel Capriles Saade 10. Nubia Abaji, Isabella Gonzalez 11. Nathalia Quiros, Claudia Cordido

Encounters @ Toy Town

Key Biscayne’s favorite toy store, Toy Town, held their annual Christmas party at The Square, complete with a special visit from Santa himself! — Photos by Maritza Minor 1. Ivette Fernandez-Chaustre, Lia & Vince Chaustre, Laudy Ibarra, Alessandra & Matias Contrera 2. Vanessa & Carolina De Acedo 3. Patricia Somarriba, Valeria Stevvhi, Katie Greg 4. Valentina & Santiago Guevara, Camila Carrasco 5. Cynclare Rodriguez, Mary Tague, Stacia Smith-Bahamondes 6. Fernanda, Federica, Beatriz & Fabriana Lauria 7. Penelope & Carolina Portela 8. Luciana & Lorena Martins, Nicholas & Karenye McCarthy, Kiki & Thomas Haberfeld 9. Giulia, Pietro & Renato Brandileone 10. Karol Diaz, Michelle Camps, Anahi Gomez 11. Elena & Ana Maria Sierra

Encounters @ The Village Green

This year’s Winter Fest at The Village Green was one to remember for all the families in attendance. — Photos by Maritza Minor 1. Alessandra,Yvette & Andres Zambrano 2. Ron Erbel, Mike Palmer, Thomas Whiteside, Joe & Blas Palmer 3. Mary Tague, Michelle Camps 4. Sofia Lopez Malo, Sara DeChamps, Emilia Lopez Malo 5. Heidi, Lorenzo & Leo Brito 6. Adele Fiber, Mariama Leger 7. Elena & Misha Rakova 8. Kylie & Karina Antorga 9. Cecilia Braham, Laura Amescua 10. David & Emma Die-Dienez 11. Erika Hoffman-Planas & Jorge Planas 12. Jack Thorton, Alejandroa Marion, Thomas, Thomas, Maite & Mathew Thorton, Teo Zucorini

Power Houses 2017

The real estate market remains booming in Brickell and beyond. From unforgettable showings to tips and tricks of the trade, their stories will give you a unique glimpse into their hectic lives and might even inspire you to find a new home or two. Text by Ryan Jarrell Photos by Edward Leal. Featuring: Brigitte Nachtigall of Great Properties Int’l Realty, Doug Kinsley of Fortune Int’l Realty, Cristian Gonzalez-Black of Fortune Int’l Realty, Giulietta Ulloa of EWM — Christie’s Int’l Real Estate, Daniel Gaviria of Great Properties Int’l, Carmen Casadella of Fortune Development Sales, Olga Monson of Fortune Int’l Realty, Carlos & Victor Coto of The Coto Group and One Sotheby’s Int’l Realty, Claudine Coto Knautz of The Coto Group and One Sotheby’s Int’l Realty, Rocio Granados of Fortune Int’l Realty, Florencia Capiel Moni of EWM Realtors, Kari Madera of Fortune Int’l Realty, Joan McCaughan & Carlos Mandiola of Coldwell Banker, Maureen & Emmalu Jauregui of Fortune Int’l Realty, Mark Chatburn of Park Lane Residential, Lorraine Neumann of Brown Harris Stevens, Jacquie C. Gallardo of Brown Harris Stevens, Vivianna Franchy of E-Realty Int’l, Spencer Raymond of EWM Realty Int’l, Jorge Boj of Great Properties Int’l and Gloria Ramirez of Great Properties Int’l.

Compass Metropolis

Miami is thronged with titans of the development industry. But where do such powerhouses come from? Meet ROVR Development, a heavyweight in the making. Featuring The Fairchild Coconut Grove, Oscar Rodriguez, Ricardo Vadia, East Edgewater. Text by Ryan Jarrell

Compass The Arts

It behooves us to glimpse the lives of those who have endured great tragedy. Gary Nader, acclaimed Art Director & Gallerist, brings Miami a learning moment in The Crossing Point. Featuring Rena Effendi, The Crossing Point, Gary Nader Art Centre, the Radcliffe Foundation Refugee Crisis Fund. Text by Ryan Jarrell

Key Player

With The Other Dimension, Cuban-born Miami Artist Antuan Rodriguez addresses the ongoing human quest for universal communication through forms, symbols and codes. Featuring Antuan Rodriguez, the Museum Of Contemporary Art North Miami, The Other Dimension. Text by Sandy Lindsey