Beach Buds

It’s back-to-school season on The Key, and what better way to provide a holistically educational environment for the little ones than by adding a loving rescue to your home? Below are a few top picks from the most reputable of South Florida shelters and rescues.
Text by Ryan Jarrell | August 29, 2018 | Lifestyle

A 1.5-year-old Lab remarkably laid back for her breed and age, give Hope a couple of decent walks and a nice crate to chill out in and you’ve made a friend for life. A bit of an obedience buff, Hope’s impressive range of known commands and leash walking skills mean you won’t have to spend long hours training an obstinate pup, and can get down to the very important business of snuggling on the couch;

Housebroken, dog-friendly, people-friendly, other pet-friendly and just as exquisitely sweet as her name implies, this loving Malinois Mix is beyond ready to find a forever home to call her very own. A recent mother who’s looking to retire into a home of love and attention, if you’re looking for a captivating couch potato look no further than this dog-gone delightful companion;

A natural-born athlete who’ll fit right in on our fitness-focused island, Maggie loves nothing more than a rigorous run in the morning followed by a spirited catch session and a swift stroll in the afternoon. In perfect health for a dog of her age, Maggie’s enthusiastic lust for life means you can finally have a pet that’s as adventure-oriented as you are…if you can keep up with her;

Cut. It. Out.
It’s the eternal battle of the modern Miami pet owner: Do you spend hard-earned wages getting a professional pampering for your pooch, ensuring a decadent and dapper look, or spend a potentially massively messy afternoon clipping away at what you hope will look passable at the bark park? As a longtime dog wrangler who’s trying his level best to properly budget, I came to the conclusion a while ago that while I loved the look our groomers were providing, it was taking quite a piece of my pocketbook to maintain. Having taken the last few months to take charge of this task, I have quite a few hints, tips and tricks to keep in mind whether you’re styling a Shitzu or maintaining your Mastiff’s rugged masculine mange. First, and perhaps most importantly, gather all your materials before beginning. Although a number of prohibitively expensive gadgets exist on the market, I’ve gotten by just fine with a pair of quiet hair clippers, some scissors, dog shampoo, a towel, some dog treats and an outfit I don’t particularly care about. Second, planning, as in all things, is of ultimate importance. For instance, always brush out your beast’s coat before bathing, and always cut after a bath (and once the coat is dry). That way you won’t have to cut away unnecessary tangles you could of simply brushed away. Thirdly, be pragmatic. While we all like an incredible look, keep in mind that it’s your dog that has to live with it. While I might like an even overall cut for our senior dog Benny, my better half is always careful to cut closer to her belly and lower legs so she doesn’t pick up too much dust and debris.

In addition to being our Associate Editor, Ryan Jarrell is also the occasionally proud owner of two 50-pound dogs, both of which may or may not be thrilled about this column.