Checking It Twice

Everyone loves Santa, but what is it like to actually be the jolly man in the red suit? During our interview at his workshop in The North Pole, Santa revealed his favorite parts about being Santa — and you might be surprised at what he loves about the job.
Interview by Dena Roché | June 8, 2018 | Lifestyle

1. The Children: “It’s a unique experience wearing the red suit, especially at the instant you see the love that beams from every child and can be seen in their eyes, in their smiles and if you’re really lucky, in the unabashed hugs they give you when you enter the room.”

2. Bringing Joy: “No matter where I go, or whom I visit, I always come away with the feeling that I brought joy to others. There’s always at least one moment that radiates true love. Often, it is the moment when you realize a child really believes that I’m the real Santa.”

3. Surprising Folks: “I love seeing a child’s amazement when I know their name, or how old they are, and that I remember when they left a wet bath towel on the floor. It has taken years to refine this special talent and it helps to reinforce a child’s belief in Santa and the magic of Christmas.”

4. Celeb Life: “I’m the official Santa for the Hollywood Christmas Parade, played Santa for skits on The Tonight Show and have done many other shows. Through the Marine Toys For Tots, I also assist in ringing the closing bell at the New York Stock Exchange. One of the unique aspects to meeting celebs is that sometimes they’re just as excited to meet me as I am of meeting them!”

5. Having Fun With Adults & Seniors: “It’s not only the children who bring me joy, it’s the adults, too. Whether it’s a private party, or just running into some folks at a department store, interactions with adults is always fun!”

6. Doing Charitable Work: “I’ve been Santa at children’s hospitals, Ronald McDonald Houses and daycare centers for the homeless working to grant wishes for sick children. I’m also the National Santa for Toys For Tots.”

7. Never A Dull Moment: “No matter how many times you visit a group of children, the love and joy repeats. It’s truly magical…and addictive! Once you know that you can experience this again and again, you know that the red suit will forever be part of your life.”

› Santa Claus (a.k.a. Tim Connaghan) is the National Santa for Toys For Tots and has been Santa for over 45 years. He’s one of just 6 living members of the International Santa Claus Hall Of Fame and currently runs School4Santas, the International University of Santa Claus which has taught over 2,600 Santas & Mrs. Clauses;