Critical Knowledge

Emergency room or urgent care center? Where should you go when coping with a minor illness or injury? How about when it’s more serious?

Knowing the difference between urgent care and emergency care when facing a minor illness or injury ensures the proper level of treatment and can save time delivering a solution. “I explain the difference between the two simply — if you fear your illness or injury is life-threatening, call 911 or visit the nearest emergency room,” says Leonel Cordova, M.D, Medical Director of Urgent Care for the newly opened Baptist Medical Plaza at Brickell. “If your doctor is unavailable and you have an illness, such as a sore throat or nausea, or if you have an injury, such as a broken finger, sprained ankle or a cut that may need stitches, an urgent care center is a better alternative.” Despite common perceptions, urgent care centers, like the one at Baptist Medical Plaza, are staffed by doctors, nurses and technicians who have the same level of expertise as those in hospital emergency rooms. For minor illnesses and injuries, you’ll be treated faster and leave with prescribed medications. Of course, when in doubt about the seriousness of an illness, it’s essential to reiterate that you must call 911 immediately.

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