Debt Busters

Every day we’re bombarded with television ads promoting debt settling programs and relief programs for unsecured debts.
Column by the team at the Law Office of Adorno-Cunill & Damas, PL | June 22, 2018 | Lifestyle

These ads promise help negotiating delinquent accounts…but do they really work? Some people have said that the debt-relief programs do in fact work and by participating in counseling programs customers are able to catch-up on their finances. People who feel that they can’t meet their obligations may want to seek help. The best place to start is to call the creditor’s customers service number and see if they have any counseling programs or assistance available for delinquent customers. By law, debt collectors must provide customers with a counseling number if available. If customer service doesn’t help, customers may want to consider making an offer to the credit card company in writing. Mail a certified letter to the credit card company and offer what it is that you can pay every month, or alternatively, what you can pay in one lump sum. Remember, all correspondence with the credit card companies should be via certified mail. If you’re still being contacted by the creditor and no help has been offered, you may want to contact a qualified attorney familiar with debt settlements who possibly focuses on bankruptcy law.

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Move It!
With the Walkstation, you won’t sit while you surf, you’ll stroll. The system combines a treadmill with an electric height-adjustable work surface, letting you walk at up to 2 mph while you work. You’ll be burning calories as well as reducing the damage on your bones and muscles; $4,399,

Total Recall
Samsung’s new Plus Series SDHC Memory Cards are designed to take some serious abuse. They’ll hold up for over 24 hours submerged in sea water, can be run over by a vehicle of up to 1.6 tons in weight, and could pass through an MRI without being erased. They’re also lightning-fast, with a read speed of 24 MB per second and a write speed of up to 21 MB per second; $13,

“The quickest way to double your money is to fold it over and put it back in your pocket.”
— Will Rogers

Monkey Money
Scientists successfully taught capuchin monkeys the concept of money: The apes used silver pieces to trade for items like grapes and Jell-O…and then came up on their own with the idea of using the coins for sex.




Green High
Earning a fat salary can have the same effect on your brain as cocaine — and can be just as addictive, according to researchers. The exhilaration of a big paycheck leads to an endorphin boost we are compelled to repeat.




Value Play
We live in a digital age, and, interestingly, all but 8% of our dollars are digital. They have no basis in actual, physical currency. Makes you wonder, huh?! Maybe counterfeiters should save some trees and start hacking.