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When college is on the horizon, nothing’s more daunting than all the test-taking before schools can even begin to consider your application. The key is to be prepared.
Column by Cyndi Tolosa | June 14, 2018 | Lifestyle

Getting your final SAT scores back and finding out whether or not you made it into your dream school is a defining moment. Casey Colucci (Ransom, Class of 2013) knows that feeling well. Determined to go to Harvard, Colucci worked with PREPWORKS over the past year to prepare for the SAT. With the use of one-on-one tutoring and PREPWORKS award-winning Learning Positioning System, he experienced first-hand the difference that performance-based studying makes. “The system they have in place is effective and efficient, and their tutors are excellent. They know all the tricks, how to get you prepared, and how to get you in the right frame of mind before you take the test,” he says. “They enabled me to sharpen my skills, and the most important part is that I thoroughly enjoyed coming in and getting prepared.” And all of that preparation paid off. Colucci improved his score nearly 300 points and was accepted into Harvard University for the upcoming school year.

› Cyndi Tolosa, Senior Program Manager at PREPWORKS, graduated from Columbia and works closely with parents, students and instructors to ensure that programs are on track so that students achieve their personal best scores; 1.855.365.7737;

Tech Teach
Modern technology goes a long way in prepping students to reach their college goals, which is the first critical step in reaching life goals.

Digital Tutor
Just as a GPS guides us to our destination when driving, LPS (Learning Positioning System) is an innovative solution to the now-rare personal tutor that guides students to their goal.



Individual Study
Online learning is by its very nature somewhat impersonal. Infused Human Intelligence puts the “human” back into the learning equation by creating course roadmaps based on individual strengths and needs.



No Average
The 3D Adaptive Course Engine tosses out the idea that the same content works for all. Its starts off with Entry Diagnostic Scores then keeps students focused until they achieve significant results on their Exit Test Scores.