Go With The Flow

Every generation asks the same question: When is it the right time to talk money with your kids. Word to the wise: If they can spend it, they can learn about it. The following websites lighten some of the burden.
Text by Sandy Lindsey | August 29, 2018 | Lifestyle

1. The Mint: Games built around earning, saving, spending, giving and money lessons in easy-to-understand language. Broken down by kids, teens and parents;

2. Financial Football: Personal finance articles, games and lesson plans. Score touchdowns by getting the correct answers to money-related questions;

3. Rich Kid/Smart Kid: Creates future entrepreneurs with free lessons on wealth creation. Mice Toke and Reno teach through a variety of profit and spending games;

4. H.I.P. Pocket Change: The U.S. Mint provides a comprehensive venue featuring a wealth of games, art activities, puzzles, facts, trivia and more;

5. Gen I Revolution: A mission-oriented game for middle and high school children that utilizes personal finance skills to overcome evil villains;

6. Mad Money: PBS creates a real-world scenario in which kids choose and item, shop for the best deal, and then try to earn enough in 30 days to purchase it;

7. Hands On Banking: A friendly alien guides youngsters through a cycle of money: Where it comes from and where it goes…all the way down to math formulas and ATM usage;

8. Makes Sense: Want to move out of the house, this site gives you a job, a month’s income and a month’s bills. Think you can triumph?;