Goldilocks’ Cadillac

Cadillacs tend to be huge vehicles, from the Presidential Limos to the train-sized Escalade SUVs loved by hip-hop artists. The new XT4 Crossover breaks the mold by being sized “just right” for city use.
Text by Bill Lindsey | October 31, 2018 | Luxury

Founded in 1902 from the remnants of the Henry Ford Company, Henry’s first attempt at auto building, Cadillac bears the name and coat of arms of Antoine De La Mothe Cadillac, the French explorer who founded Detroit. The firm specialized in building luxury vehicles with revolutionary features such as a V8 engine, steel roofs and reliable electrical systems. The first Cadillac was a 2-seater horseless carriage propelled by a 10 hp one-cylinder engine. Happily, the firm’s latest offering, the all-new Cadillac XT4 Crossover, has a few more creature comforts and a lot more power. Powered by a revolutionary 4-cylinder, 237-hp turbocharged engine, the XT4 gets an impressive 24 mpg in city driving. It accomplishes this via a 9-speed transmission and an ignition system that switches to 2-cylinder operation under certain conditions. The interior is classic Caddy, with generous uses of leather and wood accents. The rear lift gate makes this mini-SUV “just right” for hauling groceries and big dogs or taking the kids to college;