Green Dreams

Local non-profit Dream In Green empowers youth and adults alike to cause positive environmental change with fiscal benefits.
Text by Ilana Pregen | June 5, 2018 | Lifestyle

Their flagship program, The Green Schools Challenge, saved Miami-Dade County Public Schools more than $3 million in the 2012/13 school year alone. Dream In Green also runs WE-LAB, a program funded by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency that provides Miami-Dade residents with information about energy and water consumption and ways to conserve…with an emphasis on how daily actions can impact human and environmental health around town; — Ilana Pregen

Give & Get
The “Setting The Standard” event by Dream In Green is having their 8th Annual fundraiser on Apr. 11 at The Standard in Miami Beach. In addition to sips and bites, the soiree will feature a silent auction, photography, art and a green fashion show. Tickets are $100, with proceeds benefitting a greener society. Best of all, the fundraiser itself is a green, carbon-neutral event; — Ilana Pregen

Take Responsibility
Your actions affect yourself, your friends and your neighbors. Here are a few conservation ideas that can easily be implemented at home or in the office.
Text by Ilana Pregen

Screen Time
Make sure to turn off just your computer monitor if you’ll be away from your computer for 20 minutes or more, and shut off your entire computer if you you’ll be away for more than 2 hours.



Charged Issue
Sometimes we leave our phones or other devices plugged in, even when the battery has re-charged fully. As this is unnecessary and a waste of energy, make sure to unplug once the battery’s replenished.


Eco Eats
Instead of putting food in plastic bags or plastic wrap and storing it in a paper bag, pack lunch in a lunchbox with reusable containers and utensils. Extra points if it’s a cool retro one or one made of recycled materials.