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Hair Ponderings

Unless you’re Bruce Willis, Jason Statham or our Editor-in-Chief Jorge Arauz, chances are you want a lush head of hair. There’s always hair transplants. But what about something simpler you can do yourself? Plus, unlike medications such as Propecia, these home lasers work for women as well.

Combination Therapy
Anything with the word “i” in the name immediately gives a sense of ultra high-tech, and the iGrow is no exception. This hands-free hair rejuvenation system sits atop the head for convenient hands-free use while supplying not only full-scalp laser therapy but LED light technology as well. There are 5 pre-programmed sessions for both men and women allowing the user to select the one that’s best for them. As if that wasn’t enough, there are also built-in headphones that are iPod/MP3 compatible to enhance the treatment experience; $695,

Doctor Recommended
Billed as the only at-home FDA-cleared Class II medical device to treat hair loss and promote hair growth in men and women, and approved by the North American Hair Research Society (NAHRS), the HairMax LaserComb comes in 3 models: the Professional 12, Lux 9 & Advanced 7. The numbers represent the number of laser modules in each unit. Used for 8-15 minutes, 3 times per week, customers can expect to start seeing benefits in 16 weeks based on clinical trials, where 93% of participants experienced hair growth;

Comprehensive Haircare
The venerable brand, Spencer Forrest, known for their cosmetic innovations in haircare, offers the popularly priced X5 Hair Laser precision grooming instrument. It conforms to the scalp via its floating membrane design for precision delivery of the low-level laser light via 15 distinct laser light points that cover a 9 sq.-in. area. The handy display shows time elapsed as well as remaining battery life. Vitamins, colored hair thickeners, tinted masking lotions and a protein hair expander round out the comprehensive system; $199;

Extremely Combed
Hair Club For Men’s entry into the laser marketplace is the Extreme LaserComb For Men. The unit, which also works for women who suffer from hairloss, promises users should see full benefits within 16-20 weeks. Additionally, they’ll experience a healthier scalp and find hair is shinier and easier to style in the first 1-8 weeks. Noticeable hair growth with possible thickening and a further increase in shine will occur in weeks 8-16. Users have reported additional thickening even after week 20, especially if regrowth was slow to start; $300