Ideal Meals

We’ve all heard the saying that “you are what you eat,” but the Miami Institute for Age Management & Intervention (MIAMI) is updating that credo by taking into account what each individual shouldn’t eat. The process starts with a meticulous blood test in which white blood cells are monitored to see their reaction to a variety of common foods to learn about a client’s particular food intolerances. Why are food intolerances important? Because the body manufactures antibodies to these routine meals, a process that leads to intestinal inflammation and a resulting malabsorbtion of the associated nutrients needed for healthy digestion. MIAMI also factors in an individual’s unique neurotransmitters and metabolism to craft a natural cure. To see which foods you should avoid, schedule a session through

Youthful Oasis
Ponce de Leon may have never found the Fountain of Youth, but the next best thing is in nearby Coral Gables at the Alhambra Cosmetic Laser Center, with Dr. John J. Martin at the helm. Dr. Martin has undergone significant training in state-of-the-art technologies and often travels throughout the U.S. and South America to showcase his expertise. Men are a significant portion of his patients and are offered a comprehensive menu of services including a skin clinic; eyelid, brow, face and neck lifts; facial rejuvenation and contouring; and hair removal. Female patients are offered a comparable list of youth-enhancing services. To start your journey toward physical perfection, call 305.444.5950.

Aesthetic Advantage
Okay…I confess: Cosmetic surgery is my best-kept beauty secret! I wish I could share my identity with you, but I’d never hear the end of it from my friends and family! What I will share with you, however, is how cosmetic surgery has changed my life for the better. My first procedure took place right before I met my husband in the early 1990s. I augmented my bust with saline implants, which my doctor assured me were safer and more natural than the silicone implants I had grown up hearing about. He was right. I opted for the procedure for myself and to this day, I believe it’s the confidence that resulted which has made me more attractive, not the actual size of my breasts. More recently, I’ve relied on Botox and Restylane injections to smooth out a few problem areas on my face prone to wrinkles. I’ve also invested in a couple of SmartLipo sessions, which is an advanced technique that yields similar results as conventional lipo methods, without the down-time or full-body anesthesia. My last procedure was done during my lunch hour. If you’ve been considering cosmetic surgery, but are afraid of what others will say, take it from me: It can stay your little secret. Any guilt you feel initially will be eclipsed by all the complements you’ll be getting. And that alone should be enough to make up your mind.

“The first wealth is health.”
— Ralph Waldo Emerson

Bra Breaker
Slang for a woman with breast implants that are too big to support with traditional undergarments.




Cucumber Face
Grated cucumber has been proven to prevent blackheads from forming when applied for only 15 minutes twice a week.




Breath Rx
The best odor-neutralizing tongue scrapers on the market are available through