Key Biscayne Magazine’ s HAUTE MOMMAS 2012

On an island where family reigns supreme and parents often have to juggle home life, work and community without a hitch, we tap our hats toward a few world-class moms who masterfully balance every aspect of their life with pure love and total devotion.
Interviews: Jorge Arauz Photography: Andres Hernandez Hair & Makeup: Monica Gaviria; 305.322.4061 On-site Fashion Editor: Patricia M. Brea Location: Key Biscayne Yacht Club; 305.361.9171; | June 22, 2018 | People

Monica Luzarraga

RESIDENCE: Harbor Drive

PROFESSION: Teacher, Key Biscayne Presbyterian, Owner Ibis Lounge, Broker BLB Realty

CHILDREN: Dante, 6; Tristan, 5

OTHER HALF: Jorge Luzarraga, General Contractor of Luzarraga Contractors & Owner of Ibis Lounge

WHY KEY BISCAYNE? “Being born and raised here, it was an easy decision for this Key Rat to stay and raise my family on the island I call home.”

BEST PART OF BEING A MOM? “Watching them grow, learn and laugh.”

MOST CHALLENGING? “Getting them ready for school without screaming.”

MOST ANTICIPATED LIFE STAGE? “All except the teenage years!”

BEST MOTHER’S DAY GIFT EVER? “A bracelet, perfume and crafts all hand-made by my boys!”

Heather Shurley

RESIDENCE: Ocean Lane Plaza

PROFESSION: Administrator @ Drs. Grossman & Price, P.A.

CHILDREN: Brittney, 15; Isabella, 8

OTHER HALF: Saleim Abouchanab, Medical Student at All Saints University, Dominican Republic

WHY KEY BISCAYNE? “Originally being from a small town in Georgia, we tried to find a place to raise our family that had some of the same qualities of a small community. Everyone knows each other, it’s safe and the kids have a certain freedom here that doesn’t exist outside of the island.”

BEST PART OF BEING A MOM? “I love all of the laughs, giggles and silly times we share. My daughters are constantly teaching me to be the best version of myself that I can be!”

MOST CHALLENGING? “Discipline and punishments — I always want them to have everything they want, so it’s hard sometimes to say no!”

MOST ANTICIPATED LIFE STAGE? “I look forward to them becoming adults and watching them make their own decisions — I can’t wait to see what paths they choose in life.”

BEST MOTHER’S DAY GIFT EVER? “They have created the most special gift…the story of our journey. That’s something that can never be replaced by any material item!”

Johanna Marie Guma-Aguiar

RESIDENCE: Ocean Village

CHILDREN: Sienna Marie, 9; Felipe “Flip” Benjamin, 6; Alessandra Marie, 2

PROFESSION: President of GPA Properties, Inc.

OTHER HALF: Felipe Aguiar, Marketing VP

WHY KEY BISCAYNE? “We were originally introduced to the island by my brother and his family. We instantly knew it was the community we wanted to raise our children in!”

BEST PART OF BEING A MOM? “I adore watching my kids experience something for the first time…the smile on their faces of sheer joy, excitement and shock is priceless!”

MOST CHALLENGING? “Even though I plan on cuddling with them as long as they allow me to, I know I have to prepare them for real life.”

MOST ANTICIPATED LIFE STAGE? “My kids are still young, so every day is exciting. Although I never know what they are going to say or do next, I enjoy every second with them.”

BEST MOTHER’S DAY GIFT EVER? “As cheesy as it may sound, hearing my kids just randomly scream out that they love me without having to drag it out of them is the most fulfilling gift in the world!”

Luciana Alonso

RESIDENCE: Woodcrest Road

PROFESSION: CEO of Argos Global

CHILDREN: Gustavo, 5; Lucas, 3

OTHER HALF: Gus Alonso, Latin America Sales Manager for Meadwestvaco

WHY KEY BISCAYNE? “The island provides an extraordinary quality of life where children can grow up in a beautiful, safe and healthy environment.”

BEST PART OF BEING A MOM? “To have the chance to lovingly pass to my children the same values that my parents passed on to me.”

MOST CHALLENGING? “It’s often difficult to divide their time between different activities that will help them become more well-rounded people including sports, homework, church, playtime and family activities, etc.”

MOST ANTICIPATED LIFE STAGE? “One of the stages I’m looking forward to the most is watching them graduate from high school and seeing the smiles on their faces as they get accepted into the university of their choice.”

BEST MOTHER’S DAY GIFT EVER? “It was last year, when we travelled to the mountains of Brazil to spend some quality family time together!”