Key Couples

We scoured Key Biscayne to find couples that take the power of two to a whole new level. Their total devotion to one another is both inspirational and beautiful, and their responses to our questions will make you laugh, cry and fall in love all over again.
Photography: Chantal Lawrie Interviews: Jorge Arauz Locations: Village Green Park & respective homes on Key Biscayne | June 25, 2018 | People

Gaston & Elizabeth Sanchez

Time together: 4 years dating; 2 years married
Home: Ocean Village
Children and/or pets? An American Bulldog named Paxti
Professions: He’s a Private Chef & Caterer; She works in programming for a broadcasting company
How they met: In their high school physics class
What do you love about each other? “I love the way she looks at me — she has these amazing, green eyes that just make me melt.”; “I love how he always finds a way to make me laugh and forget why I was bothered.”
What can’t you stand? “I don’t like when she constantly asks me to walk the dog.”; “I’m not crazy about him smoking, but you have to take the bad with the good.”
Romantic nicknames: He calls her Gorda; She calls him My Love
Ideal “date night”: Sharing a bottle of wine on the beach
How have you made each other better people? “We each bring out the best in one another. What may be one’s difficulty is the other’s strength.”
Best way to describe your relationship? “Exciting!”

Alvin F. Lindsay & Mayra Peña Lindsay

Time together: 21 years
Home: Westwood Drive
Children and/or pets: Two daughters: Catherine, 14, and Christina, 13, and their Bichon Frise, Alegra
Professions: He’s a Partner at the Miami office of Hogan Lovells US LLP where he specializes in litigating international commercial disputes; She’s the Special Projects Coordinator for the Miami-Dade Public Defender’s Office and also serves on the Key Biscayne Village Council
How they met: On the “slab,” the courtyard, at the University of Miami School of Law
What do you love about each other? “She’s beautiful inside and out!”; “I love that he’s fiercely smart, has a great sense of humor and is fun — but most of all, I love his company.”
What can’t you stand? “Her uncanny propensity to be always right!”; “I appreciate everything about him…there’s nothing I can’t stand!”
Romantic nicknames: “Oh, we could tell you, but…”
Ideal “date night”: A weekend sunset at the Key Biscayne Yacht Club
How have you made each other better people? “We encourage each other to rise to every challenge.”
Best way to describe your relationship? “The whole is definitely greater than the sum of the parts!”

Martin Gonzalez Prosperi & Marta Berenguer Gonzalez

Time together: 7 years
Home: Satinwood Drive
Children and/or pets: Blended family with children Diego, Adriana, Lourdes and Martin ranging from ages 17-22, and a pet dog named Rocky
Professions: He’s the Owner/CEO of a healthcare software & financial consulting company serving the medical industry; She’s an Insurance Agent for The Berenguer Group
How they met: Through a very dear friend
What do you love about each other? “I love her smile and her sweet spirit.”; “I love his huge heart and his common sense…and not to mention his amazing cooking!”
What can’t you stand? “When she changes conversations without finishing one…it’s crazy!”; “He’s grumpy sometimes.”
Romantic nicknames: He calls her Maaaaarthaaa: She calls him Maaaaarteeen
Ideal “date night”: A quiet dinner with a great bottle of wine
How have you made each other better people? “She inspires me to be fun because I can be boring.”; “He gives me balance and peace.”
Best way to describe your relationship? “Crazy, loving and stable!”

Nelson & Ota Zambrano

Time together: 15 years
Home: Fernwood Road
Children and/or pets: 9-year-old daughter, Kaleia Zambrano, and 3 dogs
Professions: Restaurateurs at Donut Gallery Diner in Key Biscayne
How they met: At Donut Gallery Diner
What do you love about each other? “She keeps our world going around — from work to family and beyond — she definitely completes me.”; “I adore his consistency and honesty.”
What can’t you stand? “Not much…we get along pretty well!”
Romantic nicknames: None
Ideal “date night”: Eating Italian with a bottle of red wine
How have you made each other better people? “We inspire each other to do the best we can.”
Best way to describe your relationship? “Inseparable!”