Laptop Workstation

Many of us have laptops because of their portable convenience at the sacrifice of the ergonomic perks of a desktop computer. No longer. The Belkin PocketTop is a rugged carrying case that does double duty as a mobile workstation. Just open the unit to have a versatile, moveable desktop that will make waiting in airport lounges much more pleasant. The versatile case manages to fit in a cooling pad, plenty of accessory storage, and space for traditional desktop items such as pens and post-its in its compact design. For more information, visit

 Mobile Tech
The new Morph concept mobile phone from Nokia is set to revolutionize how we communicate. This unit is solar-powered, shape-shifting and self-cleaning. Sounds like science fiction? It’s not, it’s nanotechnology. “Nanomaterials can enable better screen resolution, increase processing power of memory devices and enhance battery life,” says Pulicken Ajayan, professor of engineering and nanotechnology pioneer at Rice University. “I think that if all of these pieces are put together, nanotechnology will be quite significant for mobile devices.” For more information on this innovative communications frontier, visit

Thanksgiving Savings
Yes, it’s the time of abundance, but if you’re on a budget, stick to it and avoid some stress and guilt. After all, it’s the emotionally intelligent thing to do!
1. Know your portions. It’s tempting to have a big, beautiful bird, but it’s more sensible to buy only as much as you’ll need for your family. The formula is 1 lb. per person. If you want leftovers, 1.5-2.0 lbs. per person.
2. Plan your leftovers. Get those recipes ready. The meal’s good just warmed over for the next night, as long as the gravy holds, but after that there’s turkey tetrazzini, turkey soup or turkey hash or a variety of other turkey-based dishes.
3. Grocery shop the day after Thanksgiving. Bargain-o-rama! Nothing beats getting surplus fresh turkeys, bakery items, breads and fresh yams for pennies on the dollar. Clean out your freezer and get ready to go shopping!
4. Consider alternatives. Make your own pie crust and bread. Unless you live in sweet potato country, canned yams or sweet potatoes are a better bet than fresh. Pumpkin filling mix, often on sale, is cheaper than buying canned pumpkin and adding evaporated milk and eggs.
5. Don’t forget about potluck. Most people who are guests at your table for Thanksgiving would love to bring something so they feel they’ve contributed and are part of the holiday. Take them up on their offer.
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“The ones who are determined to succeed do the little things right consistently.”
— Bob Burg

Computer Code
If you have way too many codes in your daily grind, why not showcase them on your briefcase?




Homer Brain
Term used to describe someone in the office who isn’t quite up to par with the competition.




19 Times
The average number of times a dissatisfied employee yawns during one full day at work.