Smile Attire

There’s a new baby boutique in town, and their mission will make sure that your baby is enveloped in the softest organic cotton on the market while helping make the world a better place.
Text by Anja Maltav | November 29, 2018 | Lifestyle

Hugging your baby in sustainable style is now easy thanks to Baby Barnacle Boutique, a company that’s passionate about sending the world a message through fun, whimsical baby clothing designs made with pure love in mind. Each design is carefully crafted with happiness woven through every ethically created, locally made collection. Screen-printed with water-based inks using eco-friendly and sustainable practices, the elimination of harsh chemicals means that the Earth benefits from these threads as much as your baby does. Furthering that notion, the company has partnered with several non-profit organizations throughout the world, ensuring that what comes around goes around and that “paying it forward” remains at the forefront of everything they do. Every Baby Barnacle Boutique purchase ensures your little “barnacle” inherits an Earth that’s more sustainably thriving (and stylish!) than ever;