Smooth Mover

There’s a reason why those strapping Ivy League students have to-die-for abs: rowing.

Long recognized as one of the most perfect full-body aerobic workouts, the WaterRower Rowing Machine brings it to your home gym. Why do we like this machine as opposed to other at-home rowers? Motion is regulated by a “water flywheel”, which closely emulates the actual resistance and fluidity of rowing a boat through water. Plus, the solid ash and oak construction means it looks gorgeous; $1,095,

Full Support
Fuller breasts are great, until it’s time for your workout. All that repetitive motion can put serious strain on a heavier bosom, which in turn can result in stretching and tissue damage. Terrified yet? Never fear: Panache has created the Ultimate Support Sports Bra specifically for larger-breasted women. Instead of simply squishing your breasts into your chest, this bra lifts, shapes and supports them, reducing bounce even for Size E women up to 83%; $68,

Type-A Behavior
People with Type-A Behavior are more likely to develop coronary heart disease, arteriosclerosis and other disorders. Typical patterns that Type-A people exhibit include the following: seeking high-pressure situations; needing to always be in control; doing things quickly even when there’s plenty of time; never slowing down to relax; taking work home; needing to win (and getting angry upon losing); rarely doing something special just for oneself; and taking just about everything seriously. Type-A people produce large amounts of stress-related hormones that damage heart muscle and upset the heart’s rhythm. A serious threat to heart health, such behavior is considered as destructive as smoking, high cholesterol and high blood pressure. So how do people become Type-A? There are several proven factors. For example, if your parents set an example of impatient, driven behavior, you may be following in their footsteps. Also, if Type-A tendencies were rewarded in your family, you may have learned to be a high-achieving person to please your parents or to survive emotionally in your surroundings. Type-A behavior is encouraged in American society, and the business world thrives on such behavior and admires those who exhibit it. If you suffer from the effects of Type-A behavior, you may wish to consider identifying areas of your life where you place pressure on yourself and others, relaxing more and working less, enjoying a non-competitive leisure activity regularly, and reading books and articles that support your new lifestyle.

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“The superior doctor prevents sickness. The mediocre doctor attends to impending sickness. The inferior doctor treats actual sickness.”
— Chinese Proverb

Deadly Green
It looks beautiful in your landscaping, but it could also kill you: Oleander is an evergreen shrub, every part of which contains toxic cardiac glycosides…which are potentially fatal. Don’t put it in your salad.




Like Smiling?
Over 1/3 of Americans don’t see a dentist once in a year. That’s a scary statistic, given that the American Dental Association recommends visits every 6 months! Time to invest in the denture industry.




Social Benefit
Studies show that lacking friends is as bad for your health as smoking 15 cigarettes a day, and that those with a diverse social network are less likely to catch a cold. Time to get friendly — and not just on Facebook.