The team at PREPWORKS has helped thousands of students achieve personal bests on SAT and ACT scores since 2005. In the process, they’ve figured out a few key tips that will help students preparing for these important tests strive for success.

1. Have a plan. Your scores may not be the only reason you get into your dream school, but they may be the reason why you don’t. These important test scores serve as a significant first filter, so carefully plan your timeline.




2. Be prepared. According to the College Board (the company that administers the SAT), taking the test multiple times yields an average of 57 points improvement. At PREPWORKS, we guarantee 200 points of improvement and our students average 300+ points.




3. Try both tests. The SAT and ACT are very distinct. Many students are more comfortable with one test than the other, so it’s important to try both. If you haven’t tried one, PREPWORKS offers free practice tests for both exams throughout the year.




4. Find a tailored program. Many test-prep programs group students together by day and time preferences, not academic compatibility. Beware of one-size-fits-all programs, where high scorers are bored and low scorers are lost.




5. Set your target score. Know the average score range that’s required for admissions to the schools you are considering. Standardized test scores serve as a means to an end. Set your goals and keep focused.




6. Don’t cram. Scoring well is a practiced skill, so have a specific test date in mind while preparing and use a comprehensive prep program tailored to culminate right before the test.




7. Practice how you play. Students must practice good habits and personal pacing to ensure that they have the skills needed on official test day. As the saying goes, “Practice doesn’t make perfect…perfect practice makes perfect.”




8. School Vs. Testing. Being a good student in school doesn’t necessarily translate to success on these tests. It’s essential to learn proven strategies, practice personal pacing and build mental stamina specific to the SAT or ACT.




9. Own your program. Take ownership of the process and believe in your ability to improve. This isn’t the time to kick back and hope that it’ll all come together.




10. Don’t forget. Bring your test admission ticket, No. 2 pencils, photo ID, a calculator, snack and watch.



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