Meet a few professionals who are ready to help you create the home of your dreams with stunning ideas that are sure to turn any space in your home into a functional showpiece that will make you the envy of the entire neighborhood.
Text by Jacquelyn Benson | June 9, 2018 | People

Robin Annon
California Closets Miami
900 Park Centre Blvd., Ste. 476, Miami Gardens

“Design has always been a passion of mine,” says Robin Annon. “From architecture to fashion, I’ve loved creating and understanding how to put things together.” With California Closets, Annon gets ample opportunity to put that interest to practice, helping to create intelligent and attractive storage solutions for every area of the home. With the company’s high-quality products and excellent range of cutting-edge finishes, she has great material to work with…all of it fully customizable from the company’s warehouse right in Miami. “Designing for California Closets allows me to put my creative brain and borderline obsessive need to organize to good use by helping people reclaim their homes from chaos and transform their spaces into beautiful, organized sanctuaries,” she says.

Design philosophy: “I draw most of the inspiration for my design from Miami itself. We live in an amazing city; the landscape, varied architecture, wonderful mix of cultures and nature provide boundless sources to inspire anyone.”

Essential must-have: “A Murphy Bed! Why regulate a room to function only as a spare bedroom for occasional guests when you can have an office or an entertainment center that instantly transforms into a guest bedroom.”

Trend predictions: “Textures will continue to dominate, with an even greater focus on contrast. The overall feel will transition from industrial to a bit more relaxed, more eclectic look. Additionally, I believe that neutral and earth tones will be prevalent, highlighted with pops of brilliant color.”

Valéria Lopes
Valéria Lopes Interiors
9305 SW 128th St., Miami

Valéria Lopes is picky. Her firm, Valeria Lopes Interiors, takes a boutique approach to design, with a level of care that means the company handles only a few select projects each year. “We want to ensure personal attention to each client,” Lopes says. “While I work with an extremely close team, I’m responsible for all project creations.” The Brazilian designer started her career as an architect, only later discovering her passion for interior design. This background gives her work an extra depth, enabling her to handle complex projects with grace. “Projects are never born ready,” she says. “They evolve bit by bit out of my relationship with the client, until they reach an ideal point where both sides are extremely comfortable with the decisions made.”

Design philosophy: “The satisfaction and enthusiasm of my clients gives me great energy. It’s the best fuel for inspiration.”

Essential must-have: “A home’s décor can be beautiful, but if it doesn’t have good lighting, that beauty will be hidden. Direct lights can highlight objects of art, while indirect light can create a comfortable feel.”

Trend predictions: “We’re increasingly paying attention to how things feel. Clients want their home to feel as good as they look. I’m paying special attention to textiles, woods, comfortable fabrics and textured tiles.”

Jeannette Gonzalez
Opzioni Design, Inc.
4581 Weston Rd., Ste. 136, Weston

Jeannette Gonzalez believes in covering all her bases. Her company, Opzioni Design, Inc., is a one-stop shop for design solutions, from initial design to the final inspection. But for Gonzalez, this complete coverage isn’t an excuse to let standards slide. “Many design firms are skilled in either creative design or project management, but few excel in both,” she says. “That’s where Opzioni differs. Our philosophy is that successful projects require strong design and effective execution.” To that end, the Opzioni principal works to make sure that the company is constantly at the cutting-edge in terms of materials, technology and design techniques. “We want to provide the most aesthetic, value-added and environmentally-friendly solutions available,” she says. This commitment to exceeding expectations is part of her mission not just to satisfy her clients, but to build a life-long relationship with them.

Design philosophy: “Passion, quality and imagination are my main visions of authentic design…because design is born in the heart.”

Trend predictions: “We have to be cultivating the world’s climate. Zero emission products and environmental projects are dominating hospitality design and commercial projects. I’m calling it ‘The Era of Environmental Protection’.”

Essential must-haves: “I highly recommend that a home have whole-house audio integration. Think multi-room audio and video systems and innovations that support the way you live.”