Space Time

The challenges of space exploration and the beauty of the stars have provided ample inspiration for the makers of luxury timepieces. Here are two stunning examples of watch-making at its finest.

Astronaut’s Choice
When astronaut Wally Schirra prepared for the Mercury-Atlas 8 Earth orbit mission in 1962, he knew he would need a very good watch. His pick was the Omega Speedmaster, a classically styled piece in brushed stainless steel and leather. Omega eventually became the favorite brand of NASA astronauts, and this year — on the 50th anniversary of Schirra’s flight — the brand is releasing the Speedmaster First Omega in Space Limited-Edition Timepiece paying tribute to the history of space exploration. A near-exact replica driven by Omega’s traditional 1861 manual-winding caliber, it’s a classic piece with a timeless appeal and a truly extraordinary legacy;

Meteoric Watch
Louis Moinet’s new Stardance includes a sparkling accent with a truly impressive pedigree: a fine slice of Enstatite EH3 meteorite, sparkling with elements of interstellar diamond. The meteorite is used to represent the phases of the moon on the watch’s mother-of-pearl dial in the midst of an the cosmos. An array of sapphires and earth-sourced diamonds decorate the bezel, set in a case made from polished titanium and white ceramic. Treat yourself to a piece of the mystery of the stars;