Sparkling Accents

CRISH Designs’ new Filigree Collection is a perfect blend of the elegant, feminine and fun with a big jolt of style to keep anyone who looks at you interested all social season long.

When Designer Cristina Hoyos was looking for inspiration for a new jewelry collection, she turned homeward — specifically, to Colombia, her native country. There, expert artisans often utilize the technique of filigree — weaving and twisting threads of gold and silver — to create stunning, elegant designs. The art formed the basis for CRISH Designs’ Filigree Collection. Charms, semi-precious stones and fine materials combine to create an array of complementary pieces that Hoyos recommends wearing in sophisticated layers. Pictured here are the Potporurri Long Earrings, filigree details with Turquoise & Gold Vermeil; $113; Filigree Garden Hoops, silver threads dipped in gold; $175; Potpourri Double Necklace, mother-of-pearls & gold vermeil; $125; Braided Filigree Ring, silver threads dipped in gold; $126; and the Garden Turqouise & Crystal Necklace, filigree flower, crystal charm and turquoise stones; $163;