Stylishly Healthy

We all know being healthy makes you look cooler — after the fact. But often the gear we’re forced to sport to keep ourselves in top shape could make Coco Chanel roll over in her grave. Here are a few items we’ve selected for both health promotion and a decent sense of style.

Flex Shoes
Shoes that separate your toes are creepy, and, in our opinion, less than practical. It’s only the freedom of your biggie that counts when it comes to increased agility and grip. The Nike Free Gym shoe boasts a simple split-toe design we find way less gross than the alternatives that leave all 5 toes individually wiggly. The result is a barefoot feel and flexibility with superb traction. That’s why Nike is calling the Free Gym the perfect yoga shoe; $110,





Sun Blocker
The era of roasting yourself on the beach like a turkey in a hot oven is long past us. But that hasn’t killed our love of an afternoon on the sand, and even quality sunblocks only hold up for so long. That’s why we love the Sombrilla by Hollie & Harrie. While most common beach umbrellas are bulky and oh-so-1975, the Sombrilla is lightweight, easy to set up, and fashionably funky. It’s also a stylish way to keep the littler members of your clan sunburn-free; $150,




Luxe Bike
Driving a BMW is cool. Pedaling one is even cooler. Check out this M Bike Carbon Racer Bicycle from BMW next time you’re thinking of hitting the bike path. German engineering isn’t restricted solely to cars: the M Bike sports an ultra-lightweight Shimano SLX gear system, powerful disc brakes, and a carbon frame created in-house. All that, and it’s pretty, too, complete with an anthracite carbon frame with classy red accents, and an authentic leather seat; $3,579,

Immune Boost
We love taking an occasional sick day — but not because we’re actually sick. Want to make sure that your sick time is used only for good, old-fashioned playing hooky? Try these simple tips:
• Moisture Power: Your skin is the number one way your body protects you naturally from infections. Apply lotion after showering to prevent cracks that can allow baddies into your bloodstream.
• Get Moving: Marathon training can leave your body tired and vulnerable, but slow and steady exercise is a natural booster for your immune system, stimulating virus-fighting cells.
• Just De-Stress: It’s not just in your head: Stress physically changes the way your body responds to the danger of infection. Set aside time each day for stress-reducing activities such as yoga or relaxing with friends.
• Drink Moderately: We’ve heard about how some types of alcohol can be great for our hearts — but the key is in the quantity. Up to 2 drinks per day is the maximum most people can indulge in before it starts to have a negative impact on key immune system cells.
• Look Ahead: Once you start paving the road toward a healthier life, not only will your productivity increase, but you’ll also feel in much better spirits all year long.

› Murtha Sanihi is a self-proclaimed health nut who reports on wellness-related news for medical sources throughout the world. In her spare time, she likes to read medical journals and health magazines with her husband, a medical doctor.