Tough Talk

It’s always a good idea to take the best and make it better, especially when it comes to your cell phone. The MOTO Z9 does just that while bordering on indestructible. Featuring the looks of a RAZR with the luxury of a slider, this mobile is not only sleek, it’s also designed and built strong with chemically hardened glass, vacuumized metal and stainless-steel construction, meaning you can take it almost anywhere, under any circumstances without having to worry about it breaking when you need it most. Available through AT&T for $249.99 at

Impact Time
If you want to be noticed at your next board meeting for more than just your PowerPoint presentation, the solution’s on your wrist. Inspired by the elegant motifs and shapes of the Eiffel Tower, Vacheron Constantin’s Partimony Traditionnelle Skeleton Perpetual Calendar Watch uses transparency and shimmering light to transform a complicated watch movement into an aerial ballet of pierced bridges and gear-trains. To see the entire collection, go to

Stay Connected
If your life has you globetrotting for business or pleasure, forget the latest cell phone that does just about everything but hold your conversations for you. Those who really need to stay in touch, whether for business, pleasure, or both, should look into investing in the new, smaller and lighter Globalstar GSP-1700 satellite telephone. Just a few years ago it was inconceivable that reliable, virtually worldwide communications, even in extremely remote locations, could come in such a small, attractive, feature-filled unit. This Bluetooth-enabled device features a USB data connector for email, Internet, and other state-of-the-art data transmissions. Best of all, the low-orbit satellite service allows for crisp, clear calls, especially when taking your yacht out to sea this summer. For more information, visit

Invest in You
This should probably go without saying, but you are the most important person in your life. As such, wouldn’t it make sense to throw a portion of your earnings toward yourself? For many, societal pressures prevent them from splurging on things that make them happy and instead focus their monetary resources on others. The best way to fulfill both your selfish side and your giving heart is to draft up a budget that allows you to spend a little extra on things that will make you a better — and nicer — person. Whether an afternoon at the spa or a full-day shopping spree help you relax, make sure you set aside enough money each month to make these things happen. If you’re spending your whole paycheck on other people and get nothing from them in return, you will eventually begin to resent them, and that’s a no-win situation any way you look at it. Enter the ideal situation. After all the bills are paid, take whatever you have left over and split it amongst savings, loved ones and yourself. It’s a budget plan many of us don’t take into account, but it’s one that will make all those around you notice a significant difference in you. After all, who isn’t a better person after being pampered…even if you have to pamper yourself!
› Joyce Rizza is a life coach with 20 years of experience working with men and women who seek to improve their performance at home and at work. Her candid advice has helped thousands of people from varying backgrounds develop simple strategies to make life, relationships and work more enjoyable and easier to manage without breaking the bank.

“There’s nothing like a challenge to bring out the best in a man.”
— Sean Connery

Cufflink Power
If you want to make a good impression when networking, make sure your cufflinks are as impacting as your handshake.




Get Dressed
When working from home, make sure to get dressed up like you’re going to a meeting in lieu of wearing your pajamas all day.




Deal Breaker
Yawning at a business meeting could be the surest — and quickest — way to loose the interest of potential clients or employers.