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Unique Space

Come on…admit it…ever since you were a kid, you’ve wanted a secret fort. What would be a cooler one than the Mirrorcube?

A treehouse basically camoflagued by way of mirrors, it’s almost impossible to spot from a distance, and contains a warm, wood-paneled interior with plenty of windows;

Playful Investment
Looking to make an investment in a vacation property, but feeling indecisive? Why choose? With the Lifestyle Assets Group, you can invest in shares of a collection of 12 fabulous residences scattered across the globe. Shares cost less than a down payment would on a single property, and get you access to the villas, plus a share in potential profitability over the course of 7 years. Limited to 100; $10,000,

“No real estate is permanently valuable but the grave”
— Mark Twain

Down Under
We’ve seen buildings that reach into the sky…but did you know there’s also one that reaches into the earth? Meet the “Earth-Scraper” that’s currently under construction in Mexico City. We’re not sure about the views.




Lost History
The house where Thomas Jefferson once wrote the Declaration of Independence was sadly torn down in 1884 to be replaced by a bank, which was in turn demolished to make way for a hamburger stand.




Line Free
You won’t have any trouble finding a bathroom while visiting The Pentagon. The building has a surplus of them for an unsettling reason: because previously black and white employees had to use segregated facilities.