Unparalleled Mechanisms

François-Paul Journe has been “inventing” haute horology watches for 40 years, exploring the measurement of time with a unique sense of creativity and innovation. He draws on his historical knowledge and expertise to face the most daring horological challenges.
Text by Bill Lindsey | October 31, 2018 | Luxury

The chronometric works of art from F.P. Journe are a combination of authenticity, rareness and talent. Authenticity from their exclusive in-house calibres, haute horology tradition, integrity and passion. Rareness as the production runs are limited to close to 900 mechanical timepieces per year. Talent as showcased by the unique aesthetics, exclusive craftsmanship, rose gold movements and innovative calibres. The watchmaker produces its movements in 18K rose gold, a first in the watch world and unique signature of the brand. Signed with the label “Invenit et Fecit” (Invented and Made), they guarantee an exclusive in-house calibre, entirely invented, constructed and assembled in their Geneva workshops. Mr. Journe makes it a point of honor to design and produce his mechanical watches one by one and in small series, performing all production stages from beginning to end including the delicate rating, casing-up and testing. The astounding Sonnerie Souveraine, the ultra slim Répétition Souveraine, the emblematic Chronomètre à Résonance, Tourbillon Souverain and Chronomètre Optimum and the amazing Octa automatic calibre with a 5-day power reserve, have resulted in F.P. Journe having earned the world’s most prestigious horological awards;