Warm & Cozy

Who says apartment living means you can’t enjoy the atmosphere and warmth of a real fireplace? Cozy up on those cooler nights by this Zeta Ventless Fireplace from EcoSmart Fire. EcoSmart fireplaces are run on bioethanol, a clean-burning fuel that creates a real flame without the need for a flue or chimney like wood or gas fireplaces. The Zeta features toughened glass screens within a stainless steel body finished in leather;

Design Resource
Like its European and New York counterparts, the Molteni & C Dada store in the Miami Design District captures a classically modern sense of the domestic landscape, and more. The store features a bevy of Italy’s finest residential furnishings and contemporary kitchens, and serves as a showcase for a number of product introductions as well as nostalgic and much-loved designs; 3841 NE 2nd Ave., Ste. 103;

Wall Prints
Who says wallpaper is just for peeling? While for many of us, the thought of papering walls conjures up painful flashbacks of grandma’s house and furniture with plastic covers, modern designers and artists have created a gorgeous array of patterns which will add luxury and class to any space in your home. Here are a few tips for using this potentially powerful design element.
Consider wallpaper as a way of making a high-ceilinged or oversized room more cozy and intimate. The use of a chair rail or wainscoting to separate painted and papered wall space helps break up excess flat space.
In smaller spaces, opt for vertical patterns or stripes to help create a sense of greater height. It works the same way on your walls that it does in your wardrobe!
Add interest to small spaces such as bathrooms with bigger, bolder and more playful patterns.
To find a modern, unique, and luxurious look, check out prints from a few of your favorite designers like Thibaut, one of the oldest paper houses in the country, offering traditional designs in fresh, up-to-date colors;
Never underestimate the impact of lighting — both natural and artificial — when it comes to making wallpaper pop. Whatever print you pick, the right light can set the mood you’re looking to accomplish.

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“The more one does and sees and feels, the more one is able to do, and the more genuine is one’s appreciation of fundamental things.”
— Amelia Earhart

Remote Destination
The least-populated territory on Earth is the Pitcaim Islands, an area of 18 square miles inhabited by only 50 people — many of them descendents of HMS Bounty mutineers. Don’t plan on staying long if you visit.




Lucky Strike
Famous home decorator Martha Stewart has been struck by lightening 3 times, each time while she was in her own home — once on the phone, another time through a skylight, and finally while lying in bed.




Skate Design
Skate champion Pierre Andre Senizergues commissioned a house with a completely skateable interior. Every surface of the interior is either a ramp or a ledge for grinding…wonder what the bathtub looks like!