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Worldly Respite

Looking for an exotic spa experience, but hate to fly? The Spa @ PGA National Resort should be your next stop.

While Palm Springs is well-known for its magnificent spas, the need to spend a day cooped up in an airliner counteracts the reinvigorating effects. A much better option is The Spa @ PGA National Resort, offering a full array of world-class restorative amenities right here in our own backyard. The 40,000 sq.-ft. facility features 32 treatment rooms where you can enjoy a Swedish massage, a rejuventing Mediterranean Body Wrap, a Noni Body Treatment and almost 100 other recuperative options, all guaranteed to restore even the most harried, Type A individual to a state of pure relaxed bliss. Best of all, guests can also take advantage of the resort’s signature Waters Of the World mineral pools featuring a plethora of healing and rejuvenation properties. The fun begins as soon as you step inside, where the lavishly landscaped pool area brings the best of Palm Springs to Palm Beach; 561.627.3111;