3rd Time’s A Charm

Tesla rocked the automotive world with an incredible high-performance, luxury, high-end electric car with a somewhat limited range. So for the Model 3 they created something for the real world.
Text by Bill Lindsey | May 16, 2018 | Luxury

Tesla Motors derives its name from Nikola Tesla, the genius whose inventions still impact our everyday lives — from the electrical system powering your home to the radio and TV signals that entertain us. These cars would make Nikola proud. The company refers to the new Model 3 as “sustainable transport.” That means a very practical vehicle that combines a sleek exterior, ample interior room for 5 passengers and 215 miles per charge. Even better, unlike most electric vehicles that are uber-pricey, the Model 3 starts at a very reasonable $35,000. To put that into proper perspective, the batteries for some electric cars cost more than this car. What’s more, performance isn’t forgotten; zero to 60 takes place in 6 seconds, thanks to the neck-snapping, instant-on torque of an electric motor. The big news is that the Model 3 is a good-looking, practical, well-priced grocery-getter that you’ll enjoy driving all year long;