• Power Of Giving
    When it comes to donating time, talent and treasure, Key Biscayners always make philanthropy a priority. Meet a few of the island’s inspirational Angels Among Us.

Lasting Legacy 

Just as you would pass down a priceless family heirloom to future generations, inspiring the spirit of giving to all those in your life can set off a domino effect that has the power to change the world.

Financial Solutions

Amerant Bank is committed to helping its clients succeed, with a new Head of Wealth Management, Andy Garganta, and Head of International Banking, Pedro Parra; as well as some exciting new initiatives to go along with their new space.

Star Spotter

Are “smart telescopes” the future of astronomy? The Unistellar eVscope 2, which digitally filters out the light pollution and other obstructions that makes traditional viewing so difficult, would make us say: YES!

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When it comes to donating time, talent and treasure, Key Biscayners always make philanthropy a priority. Meet a few of the island’s inspirational Angels Among Us, who are making an impact and setting an example for generations to come.

Generous Nature

Being part of the roll-out of the Jackson Health response to the COVID-19 pandemic was awe-inspiring and something that Matthew Grosack is truly proud of.

Operatic Fun

Opera’s most beloved rascal, the Barber of Seville, Figaro, who helps Count Almaviva woo and win the lovely Rosina, takes audiences on a comedic tour de force in Florida Grand Opera’s presentation of this madcap classic.

Jewelry Legend

Iconic “by appointment only” private jewelry salon Diamonds On The Key not only celebrates its 15th Anniversary in Key Biscayne, but owner Christina Termine additionally commemorates her impressive 40th year in the fine jewelry industry.

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Key Biscayners were out in full force this season as a charitable force took hold and the philanthropic spirit was alive and well to the benefit of all those in need of a helping hand.

In Attendance

From charity galas to business networkers and outdoor activities galore, Key Biscayners were out in full force in and around the island.

In The mix

From wine and dines to networkers and professional gatherings galore, Key Biscayners took it all in as the new year got off to a great start.

Cheers To Life

From wine and dines to cars and readings galore, Key Biscayners persuaded their passions and pastimes with gusto as the year officially came to a close.

Joy In The Tropics

As holiday lights illuminated the palm trees and kissed the balmy night sky, Key Biscayners got all dressed up to celeberate philanthropic endeavors in paradise.

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Everybody’s health tells a story. What’s yours? We’re all human, but we’re not all the same. Often our differences—like age, ethnicity, lifestyle habits, or where we live—can reveal important insights about our health. @allofusum is a research program and they aim to build a database of health information that researchers can use to study health and illness and create better treatments. One of the most exciting parts of participating is the option to receive your DNA results! #JoinAllofUs

The Great Indoors

An unparalleled lifestyle awaits at Oceana Key Biscayne. The world-class beachfront development is a reflection of all those who call it home.

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