Adventure Time

While it’s clear watches continue to become more intelligent, the MARQ Adventurer from Garmin takes the concept of a Smartwatch to an entirely new level.
Words by Bill Lindsey | January 30, 2020 | Luxury

Garmin is best known for GPS systems to keep pilots, drivers and yachtsmen on course so it’s no surprise their new Garmin MARQ Adventurer Tool Watch manages to combine a wealth of technology in a package that fits on your wrist. A Tool Watch describes dive watches, dual time zone timepieces and chronographs; the MARQ is more like a toolbox full of applications. Notable examples include an altimeter setting that reveals altitude gained or lost, a barometer to monitor weather conditions, topographic maps, an orienteering app that lets you navigate along a pre-set course, real-time location data via Global Navigation System Satellites and a heart rate monitor to make sure you don’t overdo it. Other versions of the MARQ are engineered for high-performance car drivers, divers, sailors, pilots and athletes. You may never climb Mount Everest, but with the MARQ Adventurer on your wrist you’ll know the exact elevation of your seat in the movie theater and be able to find your car in the parking lot;