Adventures In Style

The shopping mecca that is Brickell City Centre is just a short hop off Key Biscayne, offering a wide variety of amazing stores and experiences that cater to women of all tastes, styles and walks of life. Meet a few Key Biscayne women who define what it means to be fashionable on the island.”

Interviews: Anika Binx 
Photography: Julio Carlos
Production & Direction: Ana Claudia Negri
Fashion Contributor: Rahmam Khalil
Location: Brickell City Centre; 701 S. Miami Ave.;

Sunita A. Censi wearing INTERMIX @ Brickell City Centre

Sunita A. Cenci

“Beauty is truly from the inside out — being kind, respectful and fair are some of the most beautiful traits in the world.” 

Born in India, Sunita Cenci lived and worked in New York City before arriving in Key Biscayne for a job opportunity. “I used to wear too much black in New York but I’ve always loved color,” she says. “Now living in paradise, I enjoy wearing all of the colors of the rainbow!” She’s also a fan of animal prints. “Leopard, zebra, cheetah — you name it,” she says. “The island has so many different cultures and styles that I feel comfortable wearing anything that represents my style all year long!”

Isabel Cazaux De Legier wearing IRO @ Brickell City Centre

Isabel Cazaux De Legier

“When traveling, I love walking through the streets of each new city to soak up the style of the people, their unique way of dressing, their culture and their gastronomy!” 

Some of Isabel Cazaux De Legier’s fondest memories are from her childhood, when she would sneak into her grandmother’s and mother’s wardrobe like it was a treasure hunt. “I’d go into a fantasy world dressing up with all the wonderful pieces from their dress collections, bags and jewelry,” she says. “There were no limits in those wardrobes, I could be whomever I wanted to be and go to unimaginable places!” Today, she believes the way you dress, the way you do your hair and the makeup you wear defines you as much as the type of music, art and literature, that you like. “Fashion is part of your personality,” she says. “My style has evolved with me as a person — I believe in applying the trends that I identify with and that make me feel confident and comfortable.”

Alina De La Vega Maclean wearing IRO @ Brickell City Centre

Alina De La Vega Maclean

“I love to travel and see different styles. I’m open to new things, but the more I travel, the more it strengthens my belief that classy is always your best bet when it comes to fashion!”

The fondest fashion memory Miami native Alina De La Vega Maclean can remember involves a very special gift. “I’ll always remember the day my mom bought me my first pink Prada heels,” she says. “Growing up, I was always reading magazines and looking into what was in style at the moment and was always willing to try something new.” Today, she can offer some sage words of style advice. “Classic pieces last forever…and a great handbag does it all,” she says. “The most important fashion accessory we all have is our heart and wellness — taking care of yourself makes you not only look good but feel good!”

Camila Castanho wearing Zimmermann from Saks Fifth Avenue @ Brickell City Centre

Camila Castanho

“I believe Key Biscayne is synonymous with style and fashion because the climate is perfect, the views are amazing and always inspiring — and it all makes you want to wear flowy, dreamy dresses all year long!”

Born in São Paulo, Camila Castanho has visited, lived and studied all over the world, making her a true global citizen with a curated style all her own. “When I was around 8, I went to a French fashion exhibition in Paris with my dad and I was so amazed by it that I began to look at fashion from a whole new perspective,” she says. “You need to know yourself and deeply understand who you are in order to be able to communicate that with your clothes, your attitude and your personality. We live in a world that is so fast-paced, that our self-image has a huge power over the messages we are trying convey — and the most important accessory you can carry is confidence!”

Renata Nogueira Beyruti wearing Sandro @ Brickell City Centre

“I’ve traveled a lot throughout the years and my family has always instilled the importance of culture and art in my life. This has definitely influenced my style and my love for fashion!”

The biggest inspiration in Renata Nogueira Beyruti’s life is her mother! “She’s a very elegant woman and I’ve always admired her style,” she says. “She’s very cultured, classic and chic.” With her mother’s influence, she has allowed her own style to emerge. “I would say today I’m classic yet modern,” she says. “I like to mix classic and modern styles but always keep it simple and chic with neutral colors.” She encourages others to be themselves when it comes to developing their fashion choices. “You can never try to wear someone’s shoes — you have to be yourself and find your own personal style!”