Aesthetic Arcade

Super Mario never looked as good as on the handmade Italian $15,750 TablesWin Rank Gaming Console. Designed to fit with the most modern décor, the arcade cabinet appears to float on its glass base.
Words by Sandy Lindsey | December 26, 2023 | Lifestyle
Row of Old Arcade Video Games with Shining Displays in a Dark Gaming Room

Adrenaline-pumping gaming action meets bespoke style with the TablesWin Rank Gaming Console. Established in 2007, as an offshoot of the acclaimed, Bassano-based Meneghetti Mobili furniture firm, TablesWin creates tailor-made gaming tables and casino equipment renowned for their sartorial quality. Cutting-edge technology and prized raw materials are combined to ensure high-quality designs that will last for years of gaming sessions. In addition to Super Mario, the Rank Gaming Console offers a curated range of iconic games, while the latest plug & play technology takes the excitement into the future thanks to faster, cleaner digital performance. It’s a happy marriage of aesthetics, smart technology and ergonomic design. Helping Super Mario succeed are metalized red joypads and pushbuttons; while the matt chrome metal footrest ensures user comfort, bringing back happy memories of hours spent at the arcade;