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Aging Fabulously

Author & Attorney Shavon Jones shares her tips for Miami-based professionals hoping to maintain a youthful look in our stressful, high-powered palm tree paradise.
Text by Shavon Jones | June 17, 2018 | Beauty & Wellness

1. Old World: Get in touch with your inner-European. Americans can be too ambitious. Whether your workday is 8 hours or 14, when it’s over, relax! And remember, weekends are for lounging poolside with friends and family.




2. Food Rules: Incorporate red wine, dark chocolate, olive oil, green tea, blueberries, yams and other foods that are high in antioxidants into your diet gradually to change your palate without feeling deprived.




3. Get Moving: Since Miami weather is conducive to year-round exercise, dancing, cycling, golf, tennis, running, swimming, yoga and aerobics all get the endorphins pumping. And fit people look younger.




4. Right Crowd: Don’t hang around older people. If you spend your time around people who act and feel old, chances are they look old, too. And so will you. Spend your time with youthful, fun-loving people of any age.




5. Positive Attitude: Whistle while you work instead of running around like a chicken with its head cut off. The key to joy at work is to do what you love and delegate the rest.




6. Take Care: Love the skin you’re in by avoiding direct sunlight and drinking lots of water. Water cleanses and hydrates the skin and whatever nature can’t fix, a skin regimen set by a good dermatologist can!




7. Keep Laughing: Miami has many entertainment options. Attending comedy shows, bowling gutter balls or singing bad karaoke can reduce stress and lower blood pressure. No joke.




8. Zen Ten: Whether it’s a warm bath, aromatherapy or meditation, be quiet for 10 minutes a day and let it all go. Bobby McFerrin said it best: “Don’t Worry, Be Happy.”




9. Sheet Therapy: Ever had someone mistake your sex glow for a massage? That’s because chemicals released during sex, oxytocin in women and testosterone in men, have anti-aging properties.




10. Bed Time: True Miamians — not those hurried New York transplants — don’t start the day until 10 a.m. or even later. Skin cells replenish during restful sleep. If you do more before 9 a.m. than most people do all day…try to change your schedule around a bit.


› Shavon Jones is an award-winning attorney who, after 14 years in the workplace, penned a novel about women in the workplace. Working Girls: Money, Power & Love tackles a series of delicate issues of managing titles and toddlers, surviving office romances and navigating the minefields of office politics.