Ahoy Matey!

Ships models have long captured the imaginations of people young and old, and there’s no better way to add a bit of nautical art to your home or office than a hand-crafted representation of your own boat.

The intricate, realistic details of boat models are an ongoing source of intrigue and wonder, though in most cases while beautiful they are a replica of a historic ship with no personal meaning. But what if you could have a model of your own boat? Whether it is a small runabout or a mega yacht?  The artisans at SD Model Makers can create a model in virtually any size or scale desired. They have over 20 years of experience creating quality models of private and commercial vessels with the boat’s exact colors, helm station, boat name and home port — and it all can be done from just a few photos. Best of all, the boat owner is involved in every stage of the build. When was the last time you found an artist so amenable during the creation process? The Pentagon, The Smithsonian and The White House are just a few places you can see examples of these masterful models on display;