Aldo Puschendorf

Aldo Puschendorf’s signature style starts with clean lines and uncluttered spaces, then he adds in just the right textures.

Puschendorf Interiors
8363 NE 2nd Ave., Miami

“I love creating custom pieces that bring people happiness, relaxation and peace. How can anything else beat that? I get to create from fixed or loose case goods, custom upholstery pieces, custom area rugs, etc.”

“I enjoy seeing textures in every room,” he says. “Either by adding a wall covering or wall application that will harmonize the room or create contrast between other materials in the space. Or, it could be a plush fabric on chairs or pillows that will soften the masculine-finish walls.” He finds his inspiration in his clients. “I had one customer who was very hard to read, so I asked her to please show me her elaborate shoe collection,” he says. “Once I saw it, I was able to be inspired and created my design around it!” Another client was a shopaholic. The problem was that the master closet — which was rather large — was not going to be enough for her habit. So, he turned two guest bedrooms into future closets. “Every door in the house required a different key so she walked around with a ring full of keys,” he says. “Plus, she didn’t want traditional doors to go into these rooms or closets, so we installed secret hidden pivot doors to disguise the entry from the main hall into closets.” Projects by Puschendorf Interiors have been featured in over 30 magazines and TV shows globally for his award-winning design projects in Florida, Pennsylvania, New York, California, Mexico, Austria and Canada, among many others around the world.

 This traditional design aesthetic keeps a newness to the design with a bold wall covering.
As a transitional design aesthetic, the metal chandelier in this dining room provides a touch of edginess, while the leather chairs work to soften the space.
The open plan space allows light to come through from all directions, making the room seem even larger; a space like this should never be over-crowded. ral Photography
A transitional design aesthetic brings in a neutral gray. Here, art is the jewel of the room.
A contemporary design aesthetic showcases a mother-of-pearl wall covering that adds texture.
This slick kitchen is an example of an effective and functional contemporary design aesthetic.
“Scale is very important, always make sure the furnishings for the space you are decorating are in scale to allow for functionality of the room.”
“Harmonizing means to allow the room to flow, with each piece guiding the visitor’s eye to flow with ease from one side of the room to the other.”
 “Choose art that will enhance the décor, not create disruption. Art in a room is like jewels to a lady’s outfit!”