Amazingly Audi

August Horch’s first carmaking firm, founded in 1898, bore his name (Horch & Cie), which he rather liked. So, when he started a new firm, he called it “Audi,” the Latin translation for “hark,” often pronounced “horch.”
Text by Bill Lindsey | April 18, 2018 | Luxury

The name Audi is synonymous with speed and style now, but it’s been a rough autobahn. While a major player in motorsports in the 1930s, being on the losing side of WWII saw the firm reduced to making motorized bicycles. The Audi name finally returned in the 1980s when Tom Selleck/Magnum P.I. drove an Audi Quattro when the Ferrari 308 was in the shop. Audi’s mid-engine Audi R-8 seems to be standard equipment for NBA stars, but the coupes are the choice for those who value performance over flash. The box-stock RS5 looks like a slight upgrade over a Camry, but when it’s massaged by ABT, it becomes the RS5-R, a stellar performance machine. The interior is straight out of a Cessna Citation, and carbon fiber exterior accents are nice enough…but turn the key and the 532-hp turbocharged V6 shrieks from 4 carbon fiber tailpipes, hitting 60 mph in a whiplash-inducing 3.6 seconds. Think of it as your mailman morphing into Axl Rose;