Animal Magnetism

Agnes Nagy creates impressive, realistic animal sculptures that give voice to the soul of her wild subjects. Her Miami Art Week exhibit is presented in partnership with a cause dear to her heart: The South Florida SPCA.
Words // Sandy Lindsey | November 28, 2021 | People

From fierce hunters like lions and jaguars to impressive land-grazers like bulls and horses, to sea creatures and insects like the spiny lobster and the stag beetle, the work of Hungarian artist Agnes Nag exemplifies the soulmate-like bonds between humans and animals. Her sculptures provide a realistic representation of wildlife; while their exteriors are hard, each piece expresses a powerful display of movement and exudes feelings of strength, play and freedom. “I didn’t choose animals, they were the ones who found me and refused to let go,” she says. A portion of the proceeds will benefit the South Florida SPCA, a Miami-Dade nonprofit that rescues and rehabilitates horses and livestock. “Miami is an exciting place to share my love for animals and nature with like-minded art enthusiasts and collectors,” she says. Her sculptures give voice to the soul of her wild subjects. Open thru Dec.4; private showings Dec. 3-Feb. 28, 2022;;