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Having founded Wynwood’s Ideobox Artspace, Tanya Brillembourg has long been a driving force in the South Florida art scene. Her new gallery, Tanya Brillembourg Art, brings emerging young artists to the forefront of the Miami art scene.
Words // Stacy Wynn | November 28, 2021 | Design & Real Estate

After showcasing the work of mid-career and well-established Latin American artists during her 12 years at Ideobox Artspace, Tanya Brillembourg was inspired to move on to supporting artists that are unknown to the general public. “They are artists who are so talented we believe they too deserve to be seen and enjoyed by a wider audience, from the art aficionado to the most knowledgable museum curators and seasoned collectors around the world,” she says. “In other words, we believe that art should be enjoyed by all!” The gallery recently showcased the urban works of Colombian artist Juan Raul Hoyos, who was just selected to participate in the Solo Project at Pinta Miami 2021, with DENATURED, an exhibit curated by Oscar Roldan Alzate. “We are so proud that one of our artists has been chosen for such an important exposure,” she says. In the past few months since her March opening “in the middle of the pandemic,” she’s hosted the imaginative creations of tepeu choc’s abstract alphabets, Marcus Blake’s spontaneous geometric paintings, and Nicole Salcedo’s beautiful chakra paintings. They are currently showing Lina Sinisterra’s colorful, playful spheric paintings with Sterling Rook’s colorful geometric iron sculptures wrapped in “handmade rope” coming soon;