Art Hugs

Eva Armisén’s works capture daily life and everyday people as something extraordinary, proposing a refreshing and optimistic look that carries us into a livable world full of emotion.
Words // Stacy Wynn | June 23, 2023 | People

For Eva Armisén, whose creative purpose of communicating life through art for more than 30 years of painting, engraving and exciting collaborations, Aventura is the apt title of her newest collection of vibrant paintings on display at Markowicz Fine Art. The images contain a strong Spanish feel and elegance, which is not surprising as she received a fine arts degree from the University of Barcelona. Over her long international career, her work has been exhibited in galleries, museums and art fairs throughout Europe, Asia and the U.S. She has collaborated with public facilities around the globe, created advertising campaigns for brands such as Nike, Coca-Cola,and Samsung, and has worked on various television and film projects. As an illustrator, she’s published children’s and poetry books and currently works with the digital magazine Catorze. In 2020, Armisén was awarded the Fine Arts Prize by Heraldo de Aragón;;