Artistic Musings

We have curated a selection of some of South Florida’s most compelling artists to add to your collection, with works that are at once impressive, inspirational and insightful.
Words // Sandy Lindsey | Photos // c/o Respective Artists | November 26, 2023 | People

Antuan Rodriguez

Alchemist artist Antuan Rodriguez’s creative search and practice has to do with the art of the document. His next exhibition titled The Water Dimension took 10 years of research and 3 years of production. “I work on thematic projects where all the works in different techniques and materials are connected to communicate and dialogue with the public about the topic of water from all its dimensions,” he says. “Not only did I create an aesthetic, along with each work, there’s a story and a document as a communication code for the future of human beings, the planet and all species. I think that a true artist is a healer, and art that is made from the heart has the ability to educate and illuminate, creating energies capable of harmonizing the frequencies in a field of vibrations from 432 Hz, love and unity.”;

Dorothy D. Greene

As a realist artist, Dorothy Green wishes to show the exact reality of the subject rather than leaving even unimportant information to the imagination of others. ”My inspiration comes from the beauty I see in nature,” she says. “When I wake up in the morning and see the sun shining on the beautiful trees and foliage around my home, I am inspired and I record what I see for myself and those around me.” First, she photographs what she is inspired to paint. “I then return to my studio and draw my image from the original photographs I have taken,” she says. She promotes the importance of fine art through workshops, lectures, exhibitions and classroom education. The Student/Teacher Outreach Program in Miami Dade County Public Schools was headed up and executed by her over 30 years ago.

Dr. Katherine Leathers

Growing up in South Florida gave Dr. Katherine Leathers many wonderful memories filled with the beauty of Florida’s natural wonders. “I love to paint the inspiring landscapes of South Florida, but also it is a way of remembering my past and sharing that beauty with others,” she says. She started painting in 2014, and since then has received 9 awards for her paintings from various watercolor societies throughout the state. “I’m inspired by the way the sunlight illuminates the trees and plants found in the gardens, parks and natural areas,” she says. “My favorite places include Everglades National Park, Pinecrest Gardens, Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden, Kendall Indian Hammocks Park, Key Biscayne and Florida Keys. I take multiple photos, especially when I see a part of nature that makes me admire the diverse ecosystems found throughout Florida.” She challenges herself by taking risks, trying to paint new subjects, colors and techniques, all the while striving to be a better artist with every stroke of her brush;

Yvette Cotera

A first generation Cuban-American, Yvette Cotera has lived the last 50 years between Miami and Key Largo, where she’s enjoyed photographing nature while hiking, kayaking and snorkeling in The Everglades, Florida Keys, coastal areas, beaches and coral reefs. Through the years, she’s worked as a graphic artist, school art teacher, children’s program specialist at the FIU Patricia & Phillip Frost Art Museum; and, for the last several years, as Exhibition Chair for the Miami Watercolor Society, where she has  organized two juried shows per year. “The outdoors, and warmth of the sunlight, draws me to search for that special story to tell,” she says. “I work with mixed media and enjoy painting with acrylics, watercolor, dyes, gouache on canvas, Aquabord and watercolor papers.” She often incorporates textiles and found materials to create upcycled tactile and 3D collages for touch exhibition experiences at local libraries, as well as interactive art projects, for children and adults of all abilities, including those living with low vision.

Jennifer A. Basile

A self-described climate change artist with a body of work that explores and documents our ever-changing surrounding landscapes, Jennifer A. Basile was strongly influenced by nature photographer Clyde Butcher. “My focus has been the delicate ecosystems of South Florida,” she says. “From the rich mangroves at our coastline, to the river of grasses, hardwood hammocks and Florida pines, I have grave concern for the future of our unique habitat.” She frequently “submerges” herself in the outdoors on hikes or paddling trips to document and learn its ecology. Born in Manhasset, NY, she received her BFA from the University of Miami and an MFA from Southern Illinois University Edwardsville. A Floridian for over 20 years, she specializes in making large-scale relief prints solely focused on landscapes. Her message is simple, to capture the environment in all of its pure and natural beauty, before it is permanently changed forever;