Artistic Souls

In a city of talented designers, James & Miriam Duncan stand out due to the extent with which they blur the lines between art and design.
Text by Sandy Lindsey | January 31, 2019 | Lifestyle

Composing a room, painting a canvas or creating a sculpture are all very similar. “Art and design go hand in hand,” says James Duncan, Founder of James Duncan Interiors. “I am both an artist and a designer — when our clients hire our team, they get both my partner Miriam’s and my experience in design as well as the point of view of an artist. We enjoy composing with color, scale, proportions, texture and light to create an atmosphere that is not only aesthetically impressive but lends warmth and joy to the rooms people live and work in.” As such, the duo create and curate art and, where appropriate, include it in their design projects. The multi-talented Duncans also design custom furniture, which is another example in which the same tenets of art composition and design blur;;;;