At Home With Trini

Like Madonna, Cher, Mariah and Celine, Trini’s name is her brand. But it’s the down-to-earth woman behind the global beauty icon that has the entire community of Key Biscayne reeling with pride at the beautiful ascent of our neighbor.
Text by Jorge Arauz Photos by Jose Amigo Wardrobe by Green Grass; | July 10, 2018 | People

There’s something about Trini. It’s hard to pinpoint, but it’s obvious from the moment you meet her that she has a certain “It Factor” most only dream of achieving in themselves — or discovering in someone else. Sure, there’s a lot she’s done professionally. She was a bonafide celebrity stylist in Paris by the time she was 18; She’s spread her unique beauty empire in the U.S. via 8 successful salons in South Florida and NYC; she’s involved in philanthropic causes including Locks of Love and Manos del Sur; and most recently, she’s been named an Ambassador for L’Oréal’s new Force Vector line while simultaneously launching Trini Academy with the renown brand.
But behind all the glitz, glam and camera-flashes that are inevitably part of the business of beauty, there’s a simplistic elegance in everything Trini does that exudes a natural beauty from within. And her success has definitely not gone to her head. There’s a person behind the profession. “I know that being modest and humble are qualities any truly successful person possesses,” she says. “It doesn’t matter whether you’re a Wall Street-type, a famous singer, a Nobel Prize recipient, or a beauty mogul with 1,000 salons worldwide, if you don’t stay grounded you will almost surely lose your way and everything you’ve achieved will mean nothing.”
Among Trini’s feats is the blissful life she’s established for herself on Key Biscayne. From the moment you enter her home, you realize you’ve just arrived at a respite you won’t soon want to part with. Her walls are adorned with conversation-starting artwork. Her bookshelves and tables are stacked with novels, picture books and smiling family portraits. Outside, white orchids pop amid the greenery and sun-kissed reflection from the pool. In the kitchen, baguettes beckon from the countertops and complement the variety of French cheeses that are a staple in the fridge. Of course, it wouldn’t be a French household without some traditional libations. “When I think about food, I immediately think about the wine and champagne that complements it,” Trini gushes. “I’m a wine connoisseur first and a champagne aficionado second…after all, it’s not champagne if it’s not French!”
The French influence in her work is a testament to having spent the majority of her life in her native Paris before relocating permanently to the U.S. in 2003. “Parisian through and through, my culture and heritage resonates in every fiber of my being and in the styles I gravitate toward and create,” she explains. “For the comfort of my clients, I speak four languages — yet ironically, since arriving in the U.S., it seems my French accent is most pronounced when I speak English!”
It’s that level of self-awareness that’s set her apart from the pretentiousness that is often associated with the industry. For Trini, “naturalness” is the glue that binds beauty, personality and success. “Over time and throughout my experiences, my personality has changed,” she says. “I’ve matured and developed as a person and as a professional. My personal style, wardrobe, routines and techniques all reflect my simple and natural manner as well as my continual evolution.”
That philosophy is largely responsible for Trini’s major partnership with L’Oréal as the official Ambassador for their new line, Force Vector for Serie Expert. “Through this unique opportunity, I’ve met some of the most influential magazine editors in the beauty industry such as Elle, Marie Claire, InStyle, Harper’s Bazaar, Allure, etc.,” says Trini, mentioning that she’s also signed a partnership with the venerable brand to open a national hair academy in South Florida. Courses at Miracle Mile-based Trini Academy are taught in three languages — English, French and Spanish — ensuring the lure will be global. “I’m thrilled to have taken on such a new challenge with the salon, and look forward to training each student with Trini and L’Oréal Professionnel techniques!”
The new academy is a perfect venture for Trini, as she’s definitely had her share of hair faux pas early in her career that she can share with the future generation of beauty leaders she’ll be training. “When I was 10, my sister and I were playing salon one day…of course, I was the hairstylist, and she was my client. Ok, she was more like my victim,” she laughs. “We were playfully looking at fashion and celebrity magazines when I — unintentionally, of course — chopped off her long locks! It wasn’t necessarily a bad haircut; my parents just couldn’t believe how quickly it went from long to short!”
Fun aside, Trini admits the beauty industry isn’t always as polished and sleek as it appears from the outside. There are many things going on behind-the-scenes that aren’t as glamorous. “My biggest challenge so far has been creating the Trini in Private franchise system,” she says. “At the core is my concept of ‘masstige’…a term I’ve coined that means ‘prestige for the masses.’ From the moment someone enters any of my salons, I want them to be enveloped by the luxuriousness of the Trini in Private experience, regardless of their networth or social status.”
When it comes to her evolution, Trini can’t wait to expand her brand. “My dream is that Trini in Private becomes an international brand, setting the standard for other salons throughout the world,” she says. “I’m fortunate to have found a career that allows me to be creative, utilize my talent and work with people on a regular basis.” And with that she’s off to make the world a more beautiful place, one haircut at a time.