Balance It!

Ok. I’ll admit it. Sometimes I’m guilty of getting so bogged down and swamped with commitments, deadlines and promises that I either forget some of them, put a couple on hold or reschedule others altogether until things calm down. Family, work, friends, self…the old cliché that there aren’t enough hours in the day is so true it hurts. But living in South Florida, it’s nice that sometimes all of life’s facets interlace on a daily basis. This makes it a little more tolerable to manage the venerable work-play mentality we have all grown accustomed to in The Magic City. In this edition, we take a look at some people, places and professionals that are taking balance to the next level through their innovative outlooks on life. From healing therapies for all the senses in “The Senses of Healing” to entrepreneurs who have successfully partnered business and pleasure, there’s no shortage of creative ideas in this issue to make life’s stresses a little more tolerable. Although we understand that you, too, are very busy this season, I encourage you to let us know what you’re up to, and what you think of what we’re doing. Our team is always looking for new ideas to improve upon our pages and give you more interesting things to read throughout the year. I’m always accessible 24/7 (Or, as I like to say, “25/8”!) and look forward to hearing from you. After all, communication is essential to any community, even when home is in paradise!

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