Batman & Ramen

Ah, Ramen, how we love (and hate) thee. From weeknight gobble sessions in childhood to insane all-night study sessions in college to “I’m so hungry, I’ll even eat Ramen” moments in adulthood, most of us have had many experiences with the microwaveable version of this staple. But there are so many more ways to enjoy this drippy treat.
Text by Rony Mo | May 27, 2018 | Lifestyle

Instant ramen, the superhero of noodle-soups, started as an inexpensive meal of necessity in post-WWII Japan. These ready-to-make feasts were effortlessly prepared in minutes when compared to shops which meticulously prepped toppings, boiled broth, mixed kaeshi seasoning and tested noodles for stretchy Plastic Man-like elasticity. Because Japanese chefs kept their recipe cards close to their chest, few Americans could ever expect to taste fresh ramen, so the quick version emulated. In the ‘70s, the instant variety found a new home away from home in the U.S. as Nissin Cup O’ Noodles. Now through exchange and entrepreneurship, both can be found everywhere from Coral Gables to your kitchen.
The cooks at Momi Ramen spend a full day reducing their pork stock, which is strained at least 5 times for clarity. Their noodles are fashioned from imported flour and since they’re preservative-free, they must be made daily. The staff can keep flashing their joker’s smile because no one in Miami specializes in making slurp-ready noodle-soups like these folks; 5 SW 11th St.; 786.391.2392;
DYI types can deploy their vast array of gadgets in their lunchtime lairs to take the college staple to post-graduate levels. Putting the uncooked noodles through a food processor will yield a rich thickener that will add a burst of super strength to your biscuit, gnocchi or chicken ‘n’ dumplings recipe. Smile wickedly as your dinner guests try to pick out that familiar childhood flavor, while you deliberate whether to divulge your secret scheme. Michelin Star-wielding Chef/Restaurateur David Chang can help you get started with your first enriched experiment at
The Ramen Pimp is more than just a dream pasta partner. A case of 36 3 oz. packets of flash-fried noodles can wield 3 dozen different palate-pleasers customized to your liking. Ramen purists may gasp in horror, but who has time-slowing powers to prepare multi-course meals or Bruce Wayne’s fortune to dine-out every day. You could be on your way to Pad Thai, Ramen-Ghetti Pomodoro or Pho dishes with just a few extra steps. Breakfast leftovers like bacon, eggs & butter can quickly morph into an Italian granny-approved carbonara feast. Check out @RamenPimp on Twitter for ways to trick out your Top Ramen.
When it’s all said and done, Baby Boomers invented fast food as we know it and then left the question of innovation to the rest of us. We answered with bacon-weave taco shells, egg roll hot dog buns and the ramen bun which made its Florida debut at SOBE Wine & Food Festival’s Burger Bash. You could use your toaster oven as an accomplice and heat the dried noodles/buns yourself or see what other slider shenanigans SOBEWFF is up to this year at
Like Saturday morning cartoons or comic books, ramen is a taste we all grew up with. It’s long shelf life, universal appeal and bulletproof preparation method makes it ripe for interpretation and an ideal sidekick to any supper.