Beautiful Life

John J. Martin, M.D., started his practice to help patients feel the best that they can about their looks. Facial cosmetic surgery and non-surgical rejuvenation are his passion and the focus of his life’s work.
Words by Sandy Lindsey | June 26, 2022 | People

The third child of 8 of a leading Ophthalmologist, John. J. Martin, M.D., loves being a plastic surgeon because, unlike many other specialties, he gets to see the results of his work. “As a child I used to go to the hospital with my dad when he would do his rounds,” he says. “I followed in his footsteps by doing a residency in ophthalmology, and ultimately a fellowship to specialize in ophthalmic plastic surgery at Bascom Palmer here in Miami.” In addition to ophthalmic (around the eyes) and facial cosmetic surgery surgery, he does a lot of non-surgical facial rejuvenation such as lasers, neurotoxins and fillers. Several years ago, a patient was referred to his office with huge irregular nodules in her cheeks. It turns out she had been injected with illegal non-medical grade silicone. “It was the first patient I had ever seen with this, although there are many now in South Florida who have been injected with these products in their face and body,” he says. He began working with the patient to improve the appearance of the nodules, appearing on segments for The Doctors, Anderson Cooper, Dr. Phil and others to discuss the dangers of the illegal injections. “She’s still my patient, and even the doctors on Botched have tried to get out the silicone,” he says. “It’s a long, difficult road for these people!” It’s no surprise that Dr. Martin is on the executive board of his professional oculoplastic association, but you may not know that he also sings with a jazz vocal quintet in his free time!;

“I was recently appointed as the Medical Director for the cruise ship medi-spas run by OneSpaWorld — that’s about 150 ships!”