Beautifully Bold

One yacht, many yachtsmen. The Sirena 68 combines efficiency and performance with a commitment to satisfy the even the most demanding buyer via its internal layout options.
Words // Bill Lindsey | Photos // Pozitif Studio | March 29, 2022 | Luxury

The Sirena 68 was designed to bring together all the qualities that experienced owners would seek in a new yacht, starting with the fresh and contemporary customizable interior design by Cor D. Rover. “The vibe of the Sirena 68 starts with the details,” says Sirena’s Chief Commercial Officer Ali Onger. “When each person steps aboard, their eyes come to rest on a facet or a fabric, an accent or an angle, some hint that lets them know they’re welcome in a way that is somehow simultaneously familiar and new.” The general style of the new Sirena 68 is elegant and purposeful, the engineering platform is well tested, and the hull form is sea kindly. “We are a production boat shipyard and never stop building, rather like a car assembly line,” says Onger. “But we also customize every yacht as much as possible to suit individual client requests. Once a boat is signed for and the interior layout and décor is decided, it takes around 10 months to finish. Of the multiple yachts we complete each year, no two are exactly the same.” The market has fallen in love with the new 68, leading to an unprecedented sale of 20 units since its official presentation in April 2021. Proof that Sirena’s customized approach to production boat-building continues to be a hit with owners in the market for mid-size motor cruisers;