Beauty Expert

To thrive as a makeup artist, one has to have passion and the ability to use colors, textures, shading, and other artistic elements to give clients exactly what they want.
Words by Zelda Grant | Alejandra Escalante | April 27, 2023 | People

In everyday life and her makeup designs, the style of Nona de la Rosa is simple and elegant — one of the most difficult styles to pull off, yet she does it with ease. She finds her inspiration in everyday life, and her unique insight into fashion and style. “If you come to me, I will simply enhance your beauty with a natural, elegant, durable makeup,” she says. “I keep an eye on current trends, but when it comes down to it, I choose what is best for each individual. My greatest joy is the relationships I form with clients and seeing how happy they are with the results.” She shares her knowledge with group classes and private sessions to show people how to look their best. She also works with brides, editorial shoots and runway fashion shows. She would ultimately like to start her own makeup brand. “My hobby is collaborating on productions,” she says. Makeup is more than foundation, blush, lipstick, etc.; it can enhance or change the way we look, hide our imperfections, and make us feel much more confident; @MakeupByNona_KB.